Roundup – 24/10/18 – Japan Allows Crypto Industry to Regulate Itself & more

Japan Allows Crypto Industry to regulate itself

The Japanese government allows its crypto industry to regulate itself. The government has given (Japanese)  its formal approval for this today. Collaboration and the will to abide the law are unusually high in the East-Asian country. The government’s official statement says that the industry is changing rapidly. Consequentially, it would be better if the industry would regulate itself instead of bureaucrats.

Expansion Plan? Cobo Vault Unveils A Crypto Wallet With In-Built PoS Mining Rewards

Cobo Vault is a Chinese Blockchain firm that provides Crypto wallet services. Its services are unique as its Crypto wallets have in-built proof-of-stake mining rewards that come with bank-grade security and military grade hardware. Cobo Vault has developed an elaborate strategy to win over a large part of  market shares for wallets.

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Blockchain M&A to Increase to 145 In 2018

As the end of the year approaches, JPM Group LLC expects that mergers and acquisitions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency firms will increase. Overall, the company’s market research department- JMP Securities and PitchBook – reveals through a publication that the total number will be 145 in 2018. The report also features 2017 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency mergers and acquisitions where the results were very good for the whole industry for that period.

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Coinbase and Circle form Joint Venture to Boost Adoption of Dollar-Backed Digital Coins

Dollar backed digital coins have gained a massive traction across the globe due to the many benefits that they offer such as fewer price fluctuations compared to the other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Coinbase and Circle, the two major cryptocurrency firms in the world have joined hands to form a joint venture. The main goal of the partnership is to boost or promote the adoption of digital coins whose value is tied to the US Dollar.

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