Roundup 23/12/2018 – Lightning Network Grows Over 500 BTC Capacity

Lightning Network Grows Over 500 BTC Capacity

The Lightning Network (LN) has breached the capacity of 500 BTC in its network. While it is arguably not a lot (currently about $2 million, €1.725 million), there is still room to grow for the network. Developers of the BTC fork of Bitcoin advise to run your own node and to open channels while fees on-chain are low. As an initial on-chain transaction is required to use LN. Most convincing features of the network are onion-routing and the not leaving a trace on the blockchain.

Study Reveals Close to 5000 Pump & Dump Schemes Over 6 Months in 2018

A study of researches of the Tel Aviv University has found out that there were almost 5000 pump and dump schemes advertised on social media. There were 3767 on Telegram and 1051 on Discord over a 6-month period this year. The researchers studied the economy of pump and dump schemes. The report tries to distinguish the profitability of these schemes, how scammers choose their cryptocurrencies and how they conduct it. 

Read the report here.

CCN Interviews Ambazonian Secessionists – Insights on AmbaCoin

An interview by CCN with the secessionists from Ambazonia gives interesting insights about their cause, Ambazonia and its cryptocurrency AmbaCoin. The secessionists see themselves as oppressed by the French-Cameroonian government which they call corrupt and undemocratic. They see Ambazonia as a chance to create a free, democratic and law-abiding nation. They distance themselves from comparisons with Venezuela and its Petro. However, they openly disclose that ‘quantitative easing’ (meaning increasing the supply) is an option to build the infrastructure of Ambazonia.