Roundup – 23/11/2018 – IOTA plans to Remove Central Coordinator & more

IOTA plans to Remove Central Coordinator

The hash power behind Iota is relatively small. This exposes the Tangle to the very same risks that a decentralized blockchain with little hash rate faces. Therefore, to alleviate these risks the Iota foundation installed a central coordinator called ‘Coo’. Coo issues periodic milestones, random transactions on the Tangle. If other transactions are not referenced by milestones directly or indirectly. These transactions do not get confirmed. Now the Iota foundation lays out the path how to remove this centralizing element on the Tangle. However, the foundation announced that it still needs to do more research.

New Exchange Opens in Dubai

Bitex is the latest exchange to start operating in Dubai. The exchange will offer pairs in BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC. In addition to that, the exchange will offer a wallet service that includes the deposit of fiat money, the UAE Dirham. Bitex is the third crypto exchange situated in Dubai after BitOasis and Palmex.

Malta’s Blockchain-Friendly Environment Makes It Qualified To Receive EU Funds

Aaron Farrugia, the European Union’s Parliament Secretary in charge of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence funds is confident that Malta will immensely benefit from the plan. The EU incentive strategy seeks to fund research, project implementation, and development of Blockchain and AI services. Speaking to MaltaToday, the EU leader was responding to an allegation of Malta missing out on the money by Peter Agius, a nationalist MEP candidate in the forthcoming elections.

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Siemens Is On A Mission To Develop A Blockchain Platform For The Energy Sector

Siemens is planning to adopt Blockchain technology to transform the energy sector. The end result is to provide power to consumers through distributed Ledger Technology solutions that guarantee efficiency, transparency, and independence.

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