Roundup – 23/10/2018 – HTC Early-Access Launch of Blockchain Smartphone – just a Hype? & more

Singapore funds Binance Subsidiary

Singapore made a strategic investment in Binance. Vertex Ventures facilitates the funding, a company that is run by the administration of Singapore to invest in profitable and useful projects. The goal of the investment is to create Binance Singapore to enable Singaporean citizens to exchange Fiat-to-Crypto reliably. Ultimately, the goal of Binance Singapore will be to expand into other South-East Asian states as well. Chengpeng Zhao stated that the exchange should “run in a few months”.

Dutch Bank and Port Partner With Samsung on Blockchain Shipping Solution

The Dutch Bank ABN AMRO and the Rotterdam Port Authority announced that they are partnering with the Korean tech giant Samsung on a blockchain project. ABN AMRO already uses Corda, the distributed ledger of the consortium R3, and will link this Blockchain to Samsung’s Nexledger Blockchain. The Blockchain project will facilitate financial transactions and the exchange of documents in a fast, efficient and transparent way. While R3’s Corda specializes in financial transactions, Corda will compliment this project for the exchange of other data. However, the project is only a pilot for the shipping industry. If successful, the Rotterdam Port will offer the technology for the shipping industry between the port and shipping companies.

HTC Early-Access Launch of Blockchain Smartphone EXODUS 1

The Taiwanese Electronics Company has enabled its pre-order sale for its first blockchain enabled smartphone. The website discloses that the phone is still in its testing phase. HTC is also looking for users and developers to help “[r]ebuilding trust, one phone at a time.” The basic technological data are mostly the same as HTC’s UTC 12+ phone. The pre-sale is only available for users that pay in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. One reason that makes us skeptical about HTC’s blockchain smartphone. The website does not disclose too much about the phone. As of now, the blog is not accessible. Is HTC just trying to profit of a hype?

‘Better Than Cash’ – German Economist Warns of Monetary Surveillance

The German economist and business journalist Norbert Häring has recently published a book called “Schönes Neues Geld”. The title is a wordplay with Aldous Huxley’s famous book ‘Brave New World’ meaning ‘Brave New Money’. He describes in it how there is a global agenda to eliminate cash and replace it with purely digital fiat money. According to Häring, this is not an abstract conspiracy theory but mere reality. The organization that pushes for this development is called the ‘Better than Cash Alliance’ (BTCA). What is it about?

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