Roundup – 21/11/2018 – US Department of Justice Presumably Investigates Tether and Bitfinex & more

US Department of Justice Presumably Investigates Tether and Bitfinex

Bloomberg reported that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) investigates Tether and Bitfinex for manipulating the prices in Bitcoin. However, the report doesn’t name any sources which. Therefore, sole rumors that have been spreading in the crypto space ever since the rise of Tether could be the basis for this report. It is true, however, that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) subpoenaed both Tether and Bitfinex in December of last year. Back then it was seen as a positive sign that Tether continued to issue USDT after the subpoena. The CFTC denied Freedom of Information requests on the cause for the fines.

UK Financial Regulator Considering Banning Cryptocurrency Derivatives

UK financial regulator FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is considering banning cryptocurrency derivatives such as futures due to integrity issues. This is rumored to be one of the strategies contained in the comprehensive response report that is meant to regulate the cryptocurrency industry.

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An Emerging Blockchain Platform Is Automating The Use Of Vehicles

Blockchain technology will be customized to offer operability of automated vehicles. It is important to note that ‘automated’ motor vehicles do not mean self-driven cars alone that are yet to be commercialized, but all motor vehicles on the roads. The diagnostics that the distributed ledger technology platform will be recording are environmental data with a goal to enhance safety and reliability in transportation.

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Food Technologist: Blockchain Technology Is Transforming The Food Industry

Daniel Beckmann, the CEO of Foodshed Blockchain is affirming that Blockchain technology is improving the global food industry. He was speaking to Dan Patterson of TechRepublic in an interview. The Foodshed CEO is singling out supply chain monitoring as areas being disrupted by DLT. Additionally, the interviewee reveals that there is much improvement on the pipeline as Blockchain takes root in this critical industry.

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Indian Government Will Discuss Crypto Regulation in December

The Central Bank of India issued banks to stop offering financial services to crypto companies. The ban went into effect in July. Several petitions were filed against the ban. The Supreme Court of India has postponed a hearing on them several times. On Oct. 25th it has postponed it once again and ordered the government to file a counter-affidavit containing a proposal on how to regulate cryptocurrencies. Now, the government announced that its suggestion on regulation will be discussed by the inter-ministerial committee in December.