Roundup 22/02/2019 – Binance Expands to Indonesia via Crypto Education Program & more

Binance Expands to Indonesia via Crypto Education Program

Binance Academy is the exchange’s educational program. It aims to introduce cryptocurrency beginners to the very basics of Bitcoin, its use and security. For the launch of Binance academy in the Indonesian language Bahasa Binance has translated about 70 of its English articles. Indonesia is one of the key emerging markets of the region. The recent regulation which legally allowed the investment and trade of cryptocurrencies resulted in a huge influx in Rupee-to-Crypto trades.

BTC Developer Reveals Vulnerability of S15 Miner

The security researcher James Hilliard has demonstrated a vulnerability in Bitmain’s Miner S15. In a tweet from the 12th February Hilliard disclosed in a video that he can actually exploit the vulnerability. Hilliard indicated in his tweet that he will only disclose the code that enables the vulnerability under the condition that Bitmain ceases to violate the General Public License agreement for its firmware. James Hilliard is the pseudonym of a prominent Bitcoin Core developer.

CAAO And SafeChain Partner In Exploring Opportunities Of DLT In Real Estate

The County Auditors’ Association of Ohio (CAAO) and SafeChain have liaised to explore risks and opportunities that Blockchain technology could proffer in the real estate industry. In particular, the auditors are aiming to kickstart a project that would develop and deploy a Distributed Ledger Technology-based platform for recording real estate transactions between parties in Ohio. The goal of the joint effort is to ensure that there is an immutable record of deeds to safeguard the integrity of property transactions that are prone to fraud due to the immense value often involved.

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The US Chamber Of Digital Commerce Wants A Harmonized Blockchain Policy

The strategy of Blockchain technology regulation from a national perspective is a Federal Government approach that aims to develop concrete policies that govern the industry. This is lacking in the United States and this is why an advocacy group called the Chamber of Digital Commerce is calling for the implementation of the policy. The Chamber of Digital Commerce is urging the US government to support and promote the nascent Blockchain industry through supportive and clear public statements as well as enacting policies that promote DLT Platforms. The group issued this call on Wednesday and offered a plan for its implementation to the relevant organizations.

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