Roundup – 20/12/2018 – Coinbase Intends to Incentivize Learning About Crypto With Tokens & more

Coinbase Intends to Incentivize Learning About Crypto With Tokens

Coinbase will launch a platform where users can learn about cryptocurrencies. The exchange will incentivize it by letting users earn 0x tokens with it. The platform with the name Coinbase Earn will only be accessible with an invite link. However, users can subscribe to a waiting list and wait for their invitation. Coinbase decided to start a program when a survey revealed that many people would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies that had no prior knowledge of it. Coinbase did not reveal what it intends to achieve with this initiative and what users will learn about cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash Recovers After the Hash War

Bitcoin Cash has recovered with a 47% price rise yesterday. Consequentially, it has reversed the flappening by overtaking Litecoin and EOS. The cryptocurrency with the BCH ticker has regained its old position as the 4th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization that it held throughout most of 2018. Since the fork developers came up with applications like Electron Cash, Honest Cash, Cash Shuffle, and Openswap. Throughout the hash war the transaction fee of BCH ($<0,01) has stayed significantly below that of BTC($0.30 – $0.40).

World’s First Tokenized Real Estate Platform in Switzerland

Blockimmo, a Swiss company, is the world’s first real estate platform where tokenized shares of real estates can be traded. Trading platforms can potentially tokenize any assets and some companies have already tokenized their companies as the recent trend of STOs show. Traders even tokenized art recently. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until tokenization reaches the real estate market. Blockimmo has already received its license from Swiss regulators. Currently, the platform still tests itself to improve its operability. However, the management of Blockimmo announced that the platform will launch in 2019.

US Republican Congressman Proposes Crypto-Based Crowdfunding For Trump’s Wall

US President Donald Trump still has not thwarted his plan to build the wall that was an important promise during his campaign. The border wall on the Mexico border will reportedly cost $26 billion. In an ew strategy forwarded by Republican Congressman Steven Palazzo, “border bonds” are the best strategy to crowdfund the security wall. Interestingly, the currency of contribution is not only US Dollars and Mexican Pesos, but also Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

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