Roundup – 19/11/2018 – BTC.TOP mines Bitcoin Cash ABC fork to ‘End Chaos’ & more

BTC.TOP mines Bitcoin Cash ABC fork to ‘End Chaos’

BTC.TOP a major Chinese mining pool contributes to the hash power of the BCH ABC fork. As of now, BTC.TOP alone has more hash power than BCH SV in total. Therefore, the potential threat of a 51% attack on the BCH ABC chain is currently not imminent. Jiang Zhouer, CEO of BTC.TOP, stated that the “unnecessary splitting of the BCH chain […] will impede adoption”. The crypto markets are in a 12 month low, likely a consequence of the uncertainty and pressure that the fork sparked.

Huobi Opens an Office in Russia

Huobi is the first major exchange to open an office in Russia. The office includes also a call center for customer services. Currently, there is no regulation on the usage and investment of cryptocurrencies. The tax administration, however, informed the public in 2017 that profits from trading cryptocurrencies should be filed like any other profits and will be taxed accordingly. Therefore, it is only a natural consequence that Huobi finally opened an office in Moscow. It is likely that other exchanges will follow Huobi’s step.

A Canadian Parliamentary Committee Pushes For AML Compliance Of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trade should be in compliance with the anti-terrorist financing (ATF) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulation according to Canada’s lower house Finance committee. According to the committee leader Malpeque MP Wayne Easter, Cryptocurrency exchanges should be considered as money services businesses (MSBs) for easy regulation. Canada is among the countries that have allowed Crypto firms to operate as they establish the best way to regulate the sector. The country’s Crypto sector has experienced tremendous growth recently.

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Zcoin Facilitates the World’s First Political Elections

Blockchain technology continues to prove that it has no boundaries and has huge potential of changing how we do most common tasks. Thailand opposition party has hit the headlines online for using blockchain technology in its just-concluded primary elections.

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Twitter Polls: Half Would Choose Bitcoin (BTC) As A Long Term Investment Option

Ron Paul, a former US congressman for the House of Representatives Texas’ 14th District and life Libertarian party member polled Twitter users about long-term investment options. Surprisingly, more than 50% chose Bitcoin (BTC) as their most preferred asset ahead of Gold, Federal Reserve Notes, and U.S. 10-year Treasury Bonds.

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