Roundup – 18/10/18 – Tron partners with Baidu & more

Tron partners with Baidu

Tron partners with internet service provider Baidu. The Chinese company is the biggest Chinese language search machine. The management of Tron announced the collaboration via Twitter. According to Tron, the collaboration is confined to Tron using cloud services of Baidu. However, Tron also stated that the end goal of the partnership is the “mass adoption of blockchain”.

Zebpay leaves India for Malta

Zebpay, one of the biggest exchanges in India, is moving its headquarter to Malta. The exchange had to shut down its service in India. The prohibition of trading cryptocurrencies and the shut down of financial services to exchanges led the management of the exchange to make such a drastic decision. The island is already home to Binance, OKex and Coinvest.

Monero implements technology to boost effectiveness and privacy features

Monero will implement the so-called bullet proofs technology in its platform. The new technology enhances privacy features by making them more scalable. This will make Monero be the first billion dollar-worth Cryptocurrency to apply this innovation. The technology is ideal for enhancing the competitiveness of Monero that banks on an enhanced privacy feature to appeal to users and investors. Bullet Proofs is invented by cryptographers Jonathan Bootle and Benedict Bunz. It is designed to decrease the weight of confidential transactions. Monero will test it first on 18th October before implementing it after a successful test.

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Binance conducted BNB coinburn

Binance conducted its coinburn yesterday. The exchange has deleted exactly 1,643,986 BNB which converts to about $17 million USD. Binance outlined its coinburns in its whitepaper. Yesterday was the fifth quarter token burn. Despite the coinburn the price of BNB has fallen recently.

Report suggests that cryptocurrencies have become more decentralized

A recent report by CryptoCompare, a renowned cryptocurrency research firm, indicates that only 16% of cryptocurrencies/digital currencies in the world are fully decentralized. As reported by News BTC, the remaining 84% are either semi centralized or fully centralized. This data suggests that the team still have an opportunity to influence the centralized or semi-centralized assets. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto who is still anonymous, and the main focus of the currency was to circumvent the control that governments have on fiat currencies. This recent report indicates that the industry that Satoshi developed is  slow shifting from decentralization to centralization.

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