Roundup – 18/02/2019 – Neo DevCon Revealed 5 New Features of Neo & more

Neo DevCon Revealed 5 New Features of Neo

The 5 new features address tackle flaws of Neo in very different fields. It includes the new DBFT Consensus that improves the synchronization of a node that has been offline and makes transactions irreversible. A second feature with the name ‘internet resource access’ allows users to access resources in smart contracts via URLs in a web browser. It improves the scalability and speed of the network. The update NeoFS creates a distributed storage network. NeoFS tries to eliminate the problem that smart contracts are not able to store data within them. The service requires Gas as a fee which rewards users who offer storage space. Another update is that anyone who wants to create a token on the Neo network needs to do it via smart contracts now. Other ways of doing so proved to be ineffective. The last feature is the possibility to create native contracts on Neo. These are embedded directly in the core code and do not require extra deployment. This way changes in the contract do not cause hash changes, it saves data storage and allows for instant transaction verification.

Trading Volume On Surges In Indonesia

According to Coin.Dance, trading volume on is surging. The markets reacted to the issuance of Regulation No.5/2019 by the Indonesian Trade Ministry. The regulation legalizes cryptocurrencies as commodities. The strict application of KYC and AML regulations is following but the trading volume is already surging. Coin.Dance cites the weekly volume for last week to be as high as 10.3 billion Rupiah which amounts to $730,000. The volume should continue to surge for the following week at least. As the Trade Ministry announced the regulation at the end of last week.

Rakuten – The Japanese Amazon to Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Soon

Rakuten, one of the largest e-commerce stores in Japan, is reported to start accepting cryptocurrency payments from corporates and individuals clients. The online store is currently working on systems that will allow customers to pay for goods using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are also going to introduce a cryptocurrency integration system.

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Paxful Plans to Build Thirs School With Bitcoin In Africa

Ray Youssef, the CEO of Paxful, set the goal of building 100 schools with cryptocurrency trading funds. Currently, Paxful has facilitated the constructions of two schools in the Kasebigege Village in Rwanda. A nursery school for the ages three to six and a primary school for the ages six to fifteen. The schools also include a water system, public restrooms, a cafeteria and a farm to help the village grow economically. Currently, Youssef is working out plans for his next school project. Paxful is still in talks with partners to find a suitable place for his school project.

Crypto Payments Now Accepted By A Startups-Focused Law Firm

Atrium has introduced a new service that will help a section of crypto traders. The service will specifically help those who don’t want to change their holdings to fiat. Atrium now enables its users to pay for legal services using Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. So far, Atrium has assisted more than 300 startups raise more than $500 million. These are money raised in venture capital. The corporate has now announced that it accepts direct virtual currency payments via BitPay.

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