Roundup – 17/11/2018 – Estonia Issued over 900 Licenses to Crypto Companies & more

Estonia has issued over 900 licenses to crypto companies

Estonia has issued over 900 licenses to crypto startups is less than a year since it regulated the sector. The country is one of the most liberal regarding taxation and bureaucracy in Europe. Also its regulation on cryptocurrencies is company- and innovation-friendly. An Estonian citizen can file a company within an hour on the website of the Estonian government.

Ripple (XRP) Overtakes Ethereum (ETH) As The World’s Second Largest Cryptocurrency

In the last 24 hours, Ripple (XRP) has replaced Ethereum (ETH) as the world’s second largest Cryptocurrency. This follows a hectic day of trading for Crypto investors when the markets plunged by an average of double-digit points in hours. As at now, the market is far below the $200 billion market capitalization ‘safe mark’ to a new low of $179 billion. Market cap for Ripple is now at $18,009,051,934 compared to Ethereum’s $17,981,200,199. Bitcoin remains as the leading Digital Asset with a huge lead at $95,106,970,083 which is dominant at 53%.

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Investment Strategist: Take Advantage Of The Bear Market And Invest, It Doesn’t Last

An op-ed by an investment strategist called Kiana Danial has been published on Nasdaq blog. Kiana is advising Cryptocurrency investors to buy Cryptocurrencies since the plunge will not last long. She is referring to the causal factor of the plunge as a Red wave attack that has a short-term impact on the Crypto markets.

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