Roundup – 17/02/2019 – Citizens of Liechtenstein Can Now Buy Bitcoin At Post Offices & more

Citizens of Liechtenstein Can Now Buy Bitcoin At Post Offices

The citizens of Liechtenstein are now able to buy Bitcoin at their post office. The company Värdex Suisse which maintains the largest Crypto ATM network in Switzerland enables this service. However, the post offices will sell Bitcoin over-the-counter. The Liechtensteinische Post AG announced already that it will add four more cryptocurrencies in the future. Liechtenstein is known for its strong libertarian policies that are also embraced by the count of Liechtenstein.

JP Morgan Announces New Digital Coin

JP Morgan Chase is the latest giant to join the crypto craze. The firm is turning to digital currency in its plan to modernize its central business. In a statement from Thursday, the bank announced that it prides itself in being the first US bank to develop a prototype digital coin. The coin will be used to speed up payments between its corporate customers.The currency will be based on Blockchain, a public ledger of transactions which offers incredible speeds since there are no middlemen.

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BitTorrent’s Tokenization Reveals Tron Network Is Under-Performing

Tron has completed its first BTT (BitTorrent Token) airdrop this week. Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent is one of the boldest moves of the crypto space into the non-crypto digital economy. The tokenization of a torrent client does actually make sense as it can improve user-friendliness, downloading speed and it enables rewarding seeds. However, BitTorrent might be out of Tron’s league regarding its possible transaction volume.

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Indonesia Officially Recognizes Cryptocurrencies as Commodities

Regulation No.5/2019 by the Indonesian Trade Ministry classifies cryptocurrencies as commodities in the country. Before that people that traded cryptocurrencies moved in a legally undefined area. The new legal framework reassures that crypto traders will not face any penalties or unusually high taxation as happened in the past. However, Indonesians still cannot use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Indonesia prohibited the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in December 2017.

Luxembourg Approves Bill Giving Crypto Assets Security Status

The Chamber of Deputies, the national parliament of Liechtenstein has passed the bill 7363. The bill clarifies the legal status of “dematerialized securities” tokens, cryptocurrencies & other assets traded on a blockchain. The bill basically gives those dematerialized securities the same legal status as traditional securities.