Roundup – 16/12/2018 – Venezuela Pays Pensioners in Petro

Venezuela Pays Pensioners in Petro

Venezuela has started to replace its highly inflated Bolivar with Petro (XPD). After requiring citizens to pay fees in bureaucratic processes, the Venezuelan government pays pensioners now in XPD. Severals news outlets have criticized this move as too forceful. However, there is no fundamental difference between a centralized cryptocurrency and fiat money.

“Free Speech Twitter” Gab Accepts Bitcoin

Gab started to accept payment in Bitcoin. The alternative to Twitter formed in 2016 after Facebook and Twitter banned several public figures from the right political spectrum from their platforms. Prominent figures on Gab are Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, Stefan Molyneux, and Milo Yiannopoulos. The microblogging service offers a fee-based pro membership. Gab announced that by integrating Btcpay Server the platform is now also censorship-resistant regarding its financials.

Independent Organization Claims Only 2 of the Top25 Exchanges Report Accurate Volume

The Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) has published its report for December 2018. In it the organization claims that only two out of the top 25 exchanges by volume accurately report their volume. The problem that exchanges bolster their numbers to seem more reliable is long known and has been criticized by other organizations before. According to their own description, BTI is “a group of blockchain data researchers and enthusiasts looking to bring more transparency and trust to the crypto sphere.”

Read the report here.

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