Roundup 15/12/2018 – Cameroon: Separatists Started ICO for National Cryptocurrency

Cameroon: Separatists Started ICO for National Cryptocurrency

Cameroonian separatists from the anglophone parts of Cameroon have started their own ICO. The name of their token Amba Coin derives from Ambazonia, the self-given name for the country that the separatists are fighting for. The token is based on the ERC-20 standard. The Ambazonians sell their tokens at the price of $0.25. The separatists are currently in an armed conflict with Cameroon.

Coinbase Partners With Paypal on Crypto-to-Cash Transfers

Coinbase, one of the largest US American cryptoexchanges, partnered with Paypal to enable their customers to convert their money into USD. Surprisingly, the service does not cost any fees. Coinbase might have won a decisive advantage over its competitors this way as their customers can withdraw their money in a fast, affordable and secure way.

Vermont Looking Into Blockchain Technology

T.J. Donovan, the states attorney of Vermont stated that the working group will begin its studies at the beginning of the coming year. The working group will comprise of four state agencies including the Secretary of State, the Office of the Attorney General, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development and the Department of Financial Regulation. The attorney general also stated that the group will be seeking input from experts within the sector as well as stakeholders and Blockchain associations.

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