Roundup – 15/11/2018 – Canaan’s IPO filing at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange expired & more

Canaan’s IPO filing at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange expired

Six months ago now, Canaan filed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) for an IPO. However, the company did not conduct the IPO until today. Reportedly, the mining hardware producer aimed to raise 2bn $ in its IPO but has recently reduced its goal to $400mn. Canaan can now reactivate its filing for 3 months. However, if this period expires the company has to register a new filing. A process that costs usually several hundred thousands of Dollars.

Point95 Global- A Digital Asset Management Firm Set to Launch a Cryptocurrency Trading Fund

Point95 Global, a digital asset management firms based in Shanghai has revealed that it will soon launch a cryptocurrency trading fund. At the time of writing, the firm is yet to reveal the name of the asset manager who will be running the trading fund.

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Crypto Markets Break Major Support Line Ahead of Bitcoin Cash Fork

For the first time since the beginning of the correction in the crypto markets since December 2017 the chart of Bitcoin has broken the major support level at around $6000. As of writing this, the price has formed a temporary bottom above $5600. The breakdown of the price started yesterday just one day before the Bitcoin Cash fork into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC. As of now, this seems to be the most likely reason why Bitcoin would break such a major support line.

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