Roundup – 15/04/2019 – Harvard Invests In Crypto Startup & more

Harvard Invests In Crypto Startup

According to Bloomberg, the Harvard Management Company together with two other investors has invested $11.5 million in the blockchain startup Blockstack. The Harvard Management Company is the foundation that finances the Harvard university. The foundation understands itself as a Non-profit organization. However, it does invest money in useful companies to reinvest them later as do the Etoro trading platform. In return, for HMC’s & Co’s investment the investors have received 98.5 million Blockstack tokens. Meanwhile, Blockstack is waiting for an A+ rating by the SEC. The HMC manages a capital of almost $40 billion.

Second Largest Supermarket Chain Starts to Track Food With Blockchain

Albertsons Companies, the second largest supermarket chain of the world partners with IBM Food Trust. IBM provides under this brand a blockchain system to follow and track the production and the supply of food.
Albertsons will begin the cooperation with a pilot program. The pilot program will include producers of Roman lettuce. A product that made headlines last year when it led to 96 cases of E-coli infections of which five led to death.

Allegations Against Bitfinex & Tether Raised Again After Recent Rally

Tether has thrown USDT onto the market with a value of about $400 million during the recent rally. This raised old concerns again that Tether is not growing with the rally but is creating it instead. Tether has also announced lately that it is not backing Tether with only US-Dollars but with other assets as well. According to Tether’s critics, this is a move to conceal that a lot of USDT is, in fact, unbacked.