Roundup 15/01/2019 – Fake News: Russia to Invest $10 bn in Bitcoin & more

Russia to Invest $10 bn in Bitcoin – Fake News

Yesterday, the Telegraph reported that Russia is likely going to invest $10 billion in Bitcoin. Vladislav Ginko, a Russian economist, spread the rumour. According to him, the Russian government has done “enormous work” to “start investing huge amounts of Central Bank’s reserves into Bitcoin”.

However, Ginko failed to deliver hard evidence to his claim. He stated that it would be a solution to circumvent US sanctions and claimed that the families of Russian families invested in Bitcoin already. Furthermore, he linked the rumour to a pension reform in which Bitcoin would play a key role. While the latter is a highly unlikely scenario, the first scenario was already well known beforehand. The circumstance that Russian families of Officials is credible but likely unrelated.

NASA Is Proposing A Blockchain-Based Air Traffic Management

According to RT, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is exploring opportunities and risks of launching a Blockchain technology platform to control and manage air traffic. If the proposal is adopted, experts believe that NASA will be able to develop a blockchain-powered infrastructure to manage air traffic operations. The new platform will proffer maximum security, privacy, and authentication benefits that are the key elements in managing NASA activities which are a matter of national security.

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Bad News for Bitmain continue – Shutdown of Amsterdam Office

The bad news for Bitmain continue as its Amsterdam office has now shut down as well. The office was mainly occupied with developing tasks regarding Bitmain’s mining pools and its wallet and website. The company is set to have realized losses as high as $700 million. Just a week ago, Bitmain had to announce the temporary shutdown of its mega mining facility in Texas. Jihan Wu, the CEO of the company, recently resigned. However, the position is still vacant as of now.

Global Economic Map To Change By 2030, What It Means For Crypto Markets

By Nominal GDP, the USA is the largest economy in the world as at Q1 2019 with $19.39 trillion. China comes at a distant second with $12.01 trillion. Japan, Germany, and the UK follow with $4.87 trillion, $3.68, and $2.62 trillion respectively according to data from the World Bank.

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Positive Crypto Markets Outlook, As New York And Wyoming Lead The Way

New York City is set to unveil a Blockchain center as Wyoming endorses Crypto-friendly motions. The latest development in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ushers in a positive outlook for the industry as the world ushers in 2019.

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