Roundup – 14/11/2018 – Joseph Lubin: Ethereum is far from Decentralization and Interoperability & more

Joseph Lubin: Ethereum is far from Decentralization and Interoperability

The co-founder of Ethereum gave some insightful remarks about the future of Ethereum and its role in the future of what he calls the web 3.0. He said at the Web Summit in Lisbon that Ethereum is ‘far in the lead as a viable candidate for web 3.0 largely because of its interoperable and radically decentralized nature’. In order to achieve that, he stated that the Ethereum developers have to “take care of adoption, use case exploration, user interface and user experience definition – all of which will keep us busy for years.” Meanwhile, projects like Quorom, JP Morgan’s enterprise version of Ethereum, prove that the blockchain is already viable for operating projects in the big business sector.

Michigan Bans Crypto Donations for Political Campaigns

The main argument of Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is that cryptocurrencies are too volatile to be accepted in political campaigns. Allegedly, the state is not able to recognize a certain value of any cryptocurrency. This, however, is one of the conditions for making political donations valid in terms of the states law. Johnson also declared that cryptocurrencies are securities that cannot be used to buy and sell goods by themselves. A highly controversial decision.

Bitmain restructures its management ahead of IPO

Bitmain is getting ready for its IPO. So far, there is still no exact date for the IPO of Bitmain. However, the company is preparing for the perhaps most awaited IPO in the crypto sector this year as it changes its leadership. Bitmain’s most famous face the co-founder Jihan Wu e.g. is no longer the CEO of Bitmain but retains the supervisor position in the company. Consequentially, Jihan Wu has no longer voting rights for business decisions in the company. Reportedly, four out of six other positions in the management have changed as well. Insiders speculate that Bitmain undergoes this leadership change due to bureaucratic requirements or challenges due to the upcoming IPO.

IBM Is Now Offering Its Blockchain Development Services To AWS And Cloud Clients

Amazon Web Service (AWS) and IBM Technologies are business partners. The AWS is an internet solution to Amazon clients that seek to develop innovative ways of managing data for business development. One of AWS services is Blockchain solutions to clients who wish to migrate their platforms from web-based websites to Blockchain platforms. Hence, the new deal will be ideal for users who wish to have a cloud develop Blockchain networks as an alternative to cloud-based data management measures.

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A Study Establishes Increasing Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies Among Millennials

A recent study by Deidre Campbell has established that the number of millennials using Cryptocurrencies is growing every day. The findings of this research by the Global Chair of Financial Services at Edelman, show that the virtual currencies the preferable long-term investments among the young population. The altcoins are also becoming popular in underbanked regions.

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