Roundup 14/01/2019 – 51% Attacker on ETC Networrk Returned $100,000 & more 51% Attacker Returned $100,000 in Ethereum Classic reported that the 51% attacker gave back its funds in Ethereum Classic that were stolen last week. The exchange reported that they tried to contact the attacker. But they have not received any answer as of now. In its press release, the exchange stated that the attacker might be a white hat that did not conduct the attack for profit but to raise awareness instead. A goal that he likely succeeded in. However, the hash power in the Ethereum Classic network is still comparably low and the costs for another 51% attack are still lower than possible gains.

Swiss Bank Vontobel Offers Custodian Service for Cryptocurrencies

A Swiss bank named Vontobel offers itself as a custodian for cryptocurrencies. Apparently, the private bank  offered investments in cryptocurrencie since 2016. The bank claims to be the worlds first bank to offer this service. However, as crypto’s purpose is literally to enable people to manage their own assets, it is understandable that there is not much demand for such a service. So this is neither a breakthrough nor a milestone.

Bitcoin Streetart Puzzle Solved

The Bitcoin puzzle that was incorporated into a piece of street art dedicated to the yellow vest movement has been solved. The price was a sum of $1000 in BTC, at first 0.26 BTC that were later raised to 0.28 BTC as the price plunged. The riddle was incorporated into the piece of art by using a colour that is only visible when exposed to black light. Apparently, it had been a mathematical riddle. The purpose of the puzzle by street artist Pascal Boyart was to raise awareness of Bitcoin. It also linked the yellow vest movement that contains many libertarian elements to this digital form of money.

Report: Blockchain Application In Energy Industry Could Surge By 78.2% Until 2024

From a report published by Zion Market Research-a New York-based company that seeks to offer informative and up to date reports about industries- Blockchain technology in the energy industry will surge by 78.20% CAGR between 2018 and 2024. The report shows that as at 2018, DLT network in the crucial industry was valued at $208 million, a figure that will surge to $11.889 billion by 2024.

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