Roundup – 12/11/2018 – Activist Stores Anti-Government Song on Zcoin Blockchain & more

Activist Stores Anti-Government Song on Zcoin Blockchain

An anonymous user has stored the IPFS link of an anti-government rap song of several Thai rappers. The artists accuse the Thai state of corruption, anti-democratic practices, oppression, robbery and violence. Several of the rappers have to answer before the court for the song. Currently, officials still discuss whether the rappers broke any law or not. Meanwhile, the unknown Zcoin user stored the song on the Zcoin blockchain. The IPFS link at the block 111089 can be accessed through which will open the song. The song has nearly 34 million views on Youtube which is a bit less than half of the Thai population.

Bitcoin SV with more hashpower than Bitcoin ABC prior to the Hard Fork

Just three days until the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash into the forks of Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC. There is currently a lot of turmoil, rumors and gossip around the two versions of BCH and the people who represent them in the public discourse. Important to report is currently that Bitcoin SV currently seems to have more hash power than Bitcoin ABC at around 60:40. However, this doesn’t indicate a final result in the hash war between the two forks. BTC seemed to have less hashpower than BCH before the fork for a long time. But ever since the hard fork BTC has outpaced BCH regarding the hashpower.

South Korean Exchange Upbit Expands to South East Asia

Upbit has recently launched an exchange in Singapore. Now the exchange announced that it is going to open exchanges in Thailand and Indonesia as well. The management of these exchanges declared on their already existing websites that Upbit will trade initially over 130 cryptocurrencies with more than 240 trading pairs.