Roundup – 12/04/2019 – ICC Promotes Adoption of Blockchain & more

The International Chamber of Commerce Promotes Adoption of Blockchain

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) wants to spread the adoptioon of blockchain technology. In order to do this, it is partnering with the distributed ledger company Perlin. Perlin has a large and global customer base that includes many global players like Amazon, Coca Cola, FedEx and McDonalds. The focus of the ICC lies in improving supply chains. The international institution started the global initiative in light of its 100th anniversary.

Orange Aims to Combat Fake News With Blockchain

Orange indicated that it is the first company in the world that joined According to the company, it is also the first enterprise to implement a digital seal that signals news as ‚true‘ news. The verification process works in real time. Béatrice Mandine, executive director in communications, stated that Orange is starting this initiative to contribute to the fight against fake news. According to her, one of the biggest problems of our time.

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Bitfury and Longenesis Partner to Launch Medical Consent Solution

Bitfury and Longenesis have created a platform for patients allowing them to give or deny their permission for various medical purposes. Whether it is for analysis, studies or medical interventions. Bitfury is an enterprise that deals with cryptocurrencies and buils blockchain infrastructure. Longenesis is a data infrastructure firm that also builds systems with the blockchain.