Roundup – 12/03/2019 – Ledger Discloses Trezor Vulnerabilites, Canaan Raised Several Hundred Millions? & more

Ledger Discloses 5 Vulnerabilities of Competitor Trezor

In their blog post, has disclosed five vulnerabilities of their competitors’ devices Trezor One and Trezor T. Ledger discloses that they contacted Trezor “about four months ago […] to share five vulnerabilities our Attack Lab uncovered.” They further note that “[a]s always, we gave Trezor a responsible disclosure period to work on these vulnerabilities, even granting them two extensions.”

The French company also shares the outcome of the reporting to their readers. The first vulnerability e.g. consists of modifying the hardware of a Trezor device and removing the security seal by simply using a warm scalpel. Trezor reacted by saying that they recommend their clients to buy their products directly from their website. The Czech company reacted to another reporting that uncovered the ability to guess the pin code of a Trezor device with the firmware update 1.8.0. Trezor has not yet reacted to the other three weaknesses (against an attacker with physical access to a Trezor wallet and a cryptographic weakness). A statement of Trezor to the disclosing has yet to come.

Rumor About Canaan Raising ‘Several $100 millions”

The Chinese Mining Hardware Producer Canaan has allegedly raised several $100 million in a recent funding round. The Chinese newspaper ‘Securities Times’ has brought up these rumors. However, the vague number and the fact that the newspaper only cites unnamed sources should raise doubt about the validity. As of now, the Chinese company has declined to give any comments about the rumor. However, the balance sheet of Canaan for Q3 gave a pessimistic outlook for the coming business quarters. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has not yet approved of Canaan’s filing for an IPO from September.

German Politicians: Legal Framework for Crypto Trading to Strengthen German Startups

Two German Politicians of Angela Merkel’s party CDU have engaged the German parliament to strengthen Germany’s role in the sector of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The two politicians, Antje Tillman and Matthias Hauer, have noted that Germany has already several blockchain and crypto startups. Despite that, however, other nations would outpace Germany. According to the two politicians, no ICOs would take place in Germany anymore and money would only be raised abroad. Therefore, the German government should react by providing their businesses a reliable backing. According to Hauer and Tillmann, this requires a strong legal framework for trading and investing in blockchain and crypto startups.

Taskforce to Deal With Cryptocurrency Security and Fraud Issues Created in South Korea

South Korea has one of the most vibrant cryptocurrency industries in the world. The government has put in place regulations that streamline the industry and mitigate the risks. Recently, South Korean Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) created and launched a special task force whose main mandate will be to deal with cryptocurrency related crimes in the country.

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Weekly Growth Of 90% Places ThoreCoin (THR) On The Top 100

Sudden and unexplained growths are common in the Crypto markets. The highest digital tokens have large daily trade volumes, high market capitalizations, and a high supply of tokens. These factors have an influence on price performance that attracts new crypto consumers. In this regard, the newest addition to the Cryptocurrency list of top 100 is ThoreCoin (THR) with Indian/Estonian roots. The factor behind the growth is that TRH has almost doubled in the last 7 days by gaining 90% to trade at over $472 per Token.

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