Roundup – 11/05/2019 – Binance Introduces Margin Trading, Ethereum Funds MolochDAO & more

Binance Introduces Margin Trading

Binance will introduce margin trading. The exchange continues to move on after the recent hack and implements trends or sets them itself. The newest feature of Binance is margin trading. Changpeng Zhao revealed this news already during a live stream that was actually dedicated to the hack and its consequences. Now CZ revealed that the new feature will launch soon. The code is already ready for testing and chosen clients will be able to test the performance of it.

Ethereum Funds New MolochDAO

In a recent tweet, Joseph Lubin has declared that he, Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum foundation have pledged to give MolochDAO an initial funding of 1000 ETH which currently values at around $700,000. An accolade that deserves more attention. We will take a closer look at the project tomorrow.

New Fund Listed For SEC Licensing

A new request for licensing has reached the SEC. This time the file comes from the Crescent Crypto Index Services LLC. The ETF that this company wants to get licensed will include both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The company still awaits a decision for its case. However, as the market has not fundamentally changed its structure it is unlikely that the SEC will change its stance on crypto ETFs for now.

Reasons For the Recent Surge of Bitcoin – Return of the Bull?

A good analysis always considers at least two scenarios. In this short analysis, we took a look at reasons for the recent price surge. We also try to question whether the euphoria that the crypto space has about the recent bullish price movement is unfounded or not. Opportunities and risks both belong to the picture of the current market situation.