Roundup – 11/01/2019 – Bitcoin Wallet Samourai Removes Security Features Due to Google Policy & more

Bitcoin Wallet Samourai Removes Security Features Due to Google Policy

Samourai offered its clients security features like SMS commands, stealth mode and SIM switch defense. Unfortunately, these belong to the past for now. As Google enforces its “Walled Garden” strategy. This is a known policy among tech services that streamlines all content, media and operations to be under the control of the platform – in this case google. A centralistic approach has several advantages legally, economically and information wise for a tech company like Google. However, the management of Samourai hopes that the responsible persons at Google will understand the usefulness of the removed features and that they will re-enable Samourai to offer them.

Indian Banks Continue Anti-Crypto Policy

Reportedly, Indian banks require their customers to sign agreements that they will not transact with cryptocurrencies. While these requirements seem to be new, Indian banks blocked and continue to block accounts that can be linked to cryptocurrency transactions. Whether or not this handling of the situation is a misconduct is still being disputed. While there is a temporary ban on cryptocurrency trading in the country, the legislation has still to settle the legal framework for investment and business companies, private persons and investors. It looked for the longest time of last year as if a total ban was the most likely outcome. However, the tone of one of the commission has become surprisingly more favorable during the last few weeks.

Blockchain Modernizes Patient Data Management And Research Funding In Medical Industry

The Health Sector is one of the major beneficiaries of the ever-growing Blockchain technology. According to a Cointelegraph report, Distributed Ledger Technology is increasing funding for medical research while modernizing the handling and coalescing of patients’ data records. Improving these two areas collectively overhauls the health sector by leading to better healthcare delivery through data-driven means.

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Thailand Licenses Four Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Thailand government is keen on making sure that its citizens also benefit from the growing and lucrative cryptocurrency industry. Reports indicate that four cryptocurrency exchanges have finally been licensed to operate in the country. The license will significantly help the platforms to increase their operations in the country. Crypto traders, as well as institutional investors from not only Thailand but also Japan and other countries, will also invest in them to enhance their growth.

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