Roundup – 10/03/2019 – Report: Ethereum Has More than Twice Developers Than Bitcoin & more

Report: Ethereum Has Twice as Many Developers as Bitcoin

The crypto investment management firm Electric Capital has released a report that compares Bitcoin’s with Ethereum’s developers. It revealed that Ethereum is by far the most active cryptocurreny regarding the developers that contribute code to the coin’s repositories. The report says that Bitcoin is in a healthy state as well. The first cryptocurrency in history has around 50 developers per month that contribute code. Whereas Ethereum has 216 developers. Comparing only core developers BTC has 47 and Ethereum around 99 developers per month. The report does not include coders that develop smart contract applications on the Ethereum network. For e.g. developers of the Raiden Network from Brain Bot Ltd.

Germany Ministry of Finance Releases Paper Aiming to Strengthen Germany in Crypto & Fin-Tech

The German Ministry of Finance has released a key issues paper on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It discusses the appearance of electronic assets and the regulation of the public trading of certain cryptocurrencies. The measures the paper proposes aim to make Germany one of the leading sites of digitalization and Fin-Tech. The Ministry of Finance worked on the paper in collaboration with Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

NEM Foundation Updates Restructuring Plan

The Crypto Winter has hit several companies and crypto projects hard. The NEM foundation announced its insolvency in February already and asked its community for a funding to restructure the project. Meanwhile, the foundation has come up with the groundwork of the restructure. The recent updates contain a refunding plan in XEM that started on the 7th March, the development of the Catapult Mobile Wallet and the set up of a restructuring team.