Roundup – 09/12/2018 – Liberland Presented Itself Before European Parliament & more

Liberland Presented Itself Before European Parliament

The representatives of Liberland presented itself to the European Parliament for the first time. Liberland is the libertarian micro-state in between Serbia and Croatia that plans to work with cryptocurrencies in its economy. The discussion took place on the 5th December of 2018, a recording of the event was released on Liberland’s official Youtube channel yesterday.
After the administration of Liberland presented the basic concept as well as a few achievements and future plans of the state, MPs of the parliament asked questions on the new microstate. The MPs asked interested and their general stance seemed to be more approving than critical.

Report Analyzes South Korea’s Role in Crypto Adoption

Cindicator, a fintech company founded in 2015, has published a report that predicts that South Korea will play a big role in the adoption of currencies. As the study states South Koreans already make up for 30% of the cryptocurrency trading volume. A remarkable point as the population of South Korea encompasses only 51 million people. The report analyzes several fundamental data points of the country, e.g. taxation, regulation and the infrastructure of the country.

Swiss Gazprombank Will Handle Crypto Trades for Its Clients in 2019

The Swiss subsidiary of the Gazprombank will offer its clients to manage cryptocurrency investment for them. The bank announced that it will do so by mid-2019. However, the management did not yet disclose which cryptocurrencies it will manage. To handle the storage of cryptocurrencies for its customers the Gazprombank will use Silo, a wallet service developed by Metaco. Other banks in Switzerland already announced to take similar steps into the crypto space, namely Sberbank, Seba, and the Falcon Private Bank.