Roundup – 09/05/2019 – Bitcoin Breaks Above $6000 USD – What’s Next?

Bitcoin Breaks Above $6000 USD – What’s Next?

Bitcoin Broke the psychological barrier of 6000 USD for the first time in more than 6 months. The price of Bitcoin plunged during the so-called hash war between Bitcoin Cash ABC (now BCH) and Bitcoin Cash SV (now BSV). Bitcoin has confirmed the rising trend of the last weeks. However, it is still too early to call the recent development a bull run. The general opinion is that Bitcoin has to break above the 6700-6800 line before a bull run really starts. If Bitcoin does not break this line it is still possible to see a major depression of the price.

Bitcoin Revolution Review: Proof that it’s a Scam – Stay Safe

Cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has ballooned over the last 5 years and become one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. Millions of people from all across the globe have invested in individual cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. Just like any other new industry that is lucrative, scammers dive in and try to use the innocence of investors to make money. One such fraud website is Bitcoin Revolution. Since its inception last year, it has managed to trick millions of people as evident from the hundreds if not thousands of negative reviews online. Here are the primary reasons why Bitcoin Revolution is a fraud and should not be trusted. If you were considering registering, think again and take time to read this article.

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Forecast: Ports To Adopt Blockchain To Manage Port Logistics

According to a forecast from the President of Valencia Chamber of Commerce, José Vicente Morata, Blockchain technology will be adopted in the global logistics chain in the mid to long-term outlook. The technology will help in building and deploying platforms that are safe and distributed to better manage logistics transactions. Additionally, Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) will see a surge in adoption in other areas such as transport, and most industry use cases.

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Belfast Launches A Cryptocurrency For Rewarding Residents

The Belfast City Council and Colu-a British-Israeli tech platform from Tel Aviv- have partnered to develop a Crypto. Codenamed as Belfast Coin, the Digital currency is set to be used as a reward Token to incentivize the residents for playing their part in developing the City’s socio-economic space. Belfast Coin will run on a Blockchain platform that will allow the residents to acquire Tokens as a reward for a wide range of civic duties such as shopping at local businesses, participating in “green” environmental initiatives, engaging in civic activities, and volunteering.

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Facebook Reverses its Decision to Bar Cryptocurrency Ads

Last year, Facebook made a surprise decision to bar companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry from displaying ads on the platform. This decision caused uproar in the market and the said companies lost millions of dollars in revenue. Yesterday, Facebook management team announced that it was reconsidering the decision and loosen this ban. The decision to loosen the ban comes amid reports that this social media giant is ramping up efforts to create and launch its own cryptocurrency. Companies whose products and services are in one way or another related or reliant on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can now promote themselves on this social network site.

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