Roundup – 09/04/2019 – DoS-Attack on Electrum Still On-Going? – Damage in Millions & more

DoS-Attack on Electrum Still On-Going? – Damage in

A network of about 140,000 Bots conducts DoS attacks on the popular Bitcoin wallet Electrum for 48 hours. News outlets have indicated that the damage amounts to several million US-Dollar. Electrum still has not given an all-clear. The attack seems to be still on-going. The attack seems to be still on-going. However, Electrum has released an update to its wallet that protects funds from theft. Electrum is one of the most popular

Report Reveals That The G20 Is Set To Introduce AML And Counter-Terrorism Policies

According to a report from a local Japanese media house-Kyodo, G20 member countries are seeking to delve into regulating Cryptocurrencies. The members will introduce Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism policies to govern Cryptocurrency transactions. The discussions kick off in between June 8th and 9th in Fukuoka, Japan where the next G20 summit will be convened. The Premier of Japan, Shinzo Abe, who is also the chair of the group will head the summit of the member heads of state.

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Bitcoin Surges Beyond $5,200, Is There A Bearish Momentum?

Bitcoin might be set for trading above $5,200 after the April 1st surge. In the last 24hours, BTC price has broken out of the $5,200 level of resistance twice and some market analysts are already foreseeing an extended short-term surge beyond last week’s peak of $5,343. Although there is a bearish momentum in the market following the steady gains in the last week (without a correction), it is highly likely that BTC price will hold above $5,200 at the current market conditions despite several slumps below $5,200 in the last 24hours.

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Brock Pierce, A Former Child-Actor, And Bitcoin Enthusiast Gets A Crypto-Backed Mortgage

Widely known for his 1992 blockbuster film- “The Mighty Ducks”, the famous former child actor-Brock Pierce-is now a Bitcoin enthusiast who is setting the pace towards Crypto-powered world. Brock Pierce has recently bought an Amsterdam mansion using a BTC-backed mortgage. This is the first-ever mortgage of its kind and experts believe that this may be the beginning of quadrillion dollar untapped use-case of Cryptocurrencies.

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