Roundup – 09/02/2019 – Gox Rising Announces Plan to Refund Mt. Gox Users & more

Gox Rising Announces Plan to Refund Mt. Gox Users

Brock Pierce, a well-known crypto entrepreneur, has revealed his plan to refund Mt. Gox users. The rehabilitation plan is called Gox Rising. Pierce has the plan to refund the users a pro rata portion of the leftover funds in both fiat and crypto. However, the refunds will be paid in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). According to their website, Gox Rising “seeks to restore the reputation of cryptocurrency and implement new solutions for modern issues like the Mt Gox collapse.” Perhaps an approach that will be applied to QuadrigaCX in the future as well.

Canadian Regulator – Exchanges like QuadrigaCX Are Unregulated

A British Columbia Securities Commission has stated on Thursday that the BCSC is not responsible for regulating QuadrigaCX or any other crypto exchange. As the exchange is not trading in securities or derivatives it does not fall under the responsibilities of the commission. The Canadian Securities Administrators, a collective of security regulators, gave a similar statement to Reuters and confirmed that none of the Canadian exchanges supervises any cryptocurrency exchange. Study Poll Shows That Buyers Want Cryptos on Amazon

Amazon online shopping platform has been transforming lives to such an extent that it has propelled Jeff Bezos, the CEO, to be one of the richest people on earth. However, it has been falling short of satisfying all the needs of its users. According to a study by the, some users want to be able to buy Cryptocurrencies on Amazon. Additionally, the respondents of the research want to buy medical marijuana and prescription drugs also.

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Cryptomarkets Exploded – Litecoin Led the Surge

After almost two weeks of sidewards movement, the crypto market has suddenly seen a breakout this Friday. As of writing this, the Bitcoin price rose by 7.8% and has just recently failed to stay above the $3,700 resistance. Apparently, Litecoin initiated the sudden price explosion and rose by a stunning 26%. Currently, almost all cryptocurrencies on are in the green.

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