Roundup – 08/03/2019 – Financial Committee of Russia Recommends Outlawing Anonymous Use of Crypto & more

Financial Committee of Russia Recommends Outlawing Anonymous Use of Crypto

The chairman of the financial committee of Russia, Ivan Aksakov, has stated that the anonymity of crypto users
should is a problem.According to Aksakov, the Russian state should outlaw paying and transferring cryptocurrencies anonymously. However, it is difficult to enforce such a law. Most of the exchanges and wallet providers that Russians use are situated in other countries. Therefore, the state has little influence to enforce the law if Russian citizens do not comply on their own.

Swiss Stock Exchange Launches Blockchain Based Asset Exchange

The Swiss stock exchange Six is launching a blockchain based version of its exchange with the name SDX.
The biggest exchange of Switzerland is partnering with R3 and relies on the corda blockchain for its operations.
The exchange will offer its clients to invest in tokenized securities. The CEO of Six stated that he expects SDX to replace SIX, the regular exchange, within a decade.

Israel Market Regulator Proposes Cryptocurrency Regulation As Huobi Adds XRP

Israel Securities Authority (ISA) has recommended the creation of a platform for Cryptocurrency trade but under strict regulation. The regulator, who has spent the last two years studying the sector, noted that the technology will remain relevant in the future. Meantime, Huobi, one of the largest virtual currency trading platforms has launched Ripple (XRP) trading. The company was founded in 2013 in China but has since expanded and opened operations in countries such as Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore among others.

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Malta: Blockchain Paradise Lost? – Banks Stopped Cooperating

It is not as easy as often portrayed for many companies that operate in Malta. According to a recent report by the Times of Malta, blockchain companies are currently struggling to receive a license of the Malta Financial Services Authority. Currently, 28 crypto companies are awaiting their license without which they cannot operate in the country.

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Israel Regulator Supports Heavily Regulated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are the pillars of the industry. Governments have been working to introduce regulations that will see the platforms submit yearly reports of all transactions to the financial regulators. Israel’s financial regulator stated in a recent report that the country fully supports the development of a heavily regulated cryptocurrency issuance platform.