Roundup – 07/11/2018 – Pro-Bitcoin politician has Become the Governor of Colorado & more

Pro-Bitcoin politician has Become the Governor of Colorado

The pro-Bitcoin politicain Jared Polis has become Colorado’s new governor. Cryptocurrencies are not just a side-note in his programm. Polis wants to impose blockchain-friendly policies in the state to help innovative companies in the financial and adjacent sector in Colorado. Another one of his ideas is to include blockchains in local elections and in the transactions between official institutions. A proposed bill of Polis from last year suggested that purchases with Bitcoin underneath a value of $600 USD do not need to be reported.

Major Exchanges have Shutdown their Services to Iran

Binance and Bittrex have stopped offering services to Iranian citizens and entities. The trade of cryptocurrencies is officially forbidden in the country. However, the shutdown of the service seems to have followed the renewed sanctions of the US against Iran. Financial institutions in the traditional banking sector have stopped offering services to Iran earlier this year. Now the centralized crypto exchanges have followed this example. Experts speculate that Iran, North Korea and other penalized countries rely on cryptocurrencies to circumvent the sanctions.

The First Cryptocurrency Exchange in Dubai-UAE

The First Cryptocurrency Exchange in Dubai-UAEBy AlphanMainaNovember 7, 2018 Exchanges, News 79 Views 0 Comments
The First Cryptocurrency Exchange in news
The first cryptocurrency exchange in Dubai-UAE is soon going to be officially registered and permitted to operate in the country. Exchanges are the soul and heart of the cryptocurrency industry across the globe as they give traders an opportunity to exchange their digital assets for other similar currencies or fiat currency.

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EU Revokes Banking License of Maltese Bank that Dealt in Crypto

The EU has revoked the banking license of the Pilatus bank in Malta. The USA have sanctioned the bank’s management before for laundering money. Allegedly, the bank tried to evade the sanctions illegally by relying on cryptocurrencies. The murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia accused the bank of transacting money from corrupt sources. Malta’s Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has announced the revocation today.