Roundup – 07/05/2019 – BTC Hash Rate Almost At All-Time High & more

BTC Hash Rate Almost At All-Time High

Many miners have returned to mining cryptocurrencies. The hash rate is back to where it had been in November. However, if you have not kept track of the hash rate for the past year. The hash rate wasn’t the highest during the 2017 bull run but back in November 2018. The hash rate constantly kept growing until November when the hash rate reached its all-time high of about 60,422,000 TH/s, according to From then on the decline of the hash rate began. The declining prices made mining unprofitable for miners in many regions of the world. However, the prices recovered again and is about to break the psychological line of $6000, as of writing this. The hash rate reached a local high of about 58,000,000 TH/s on the second of May.

Fidelity Launches Trading Service For Institutional Investors

The financial service gian Fidelity investments will launch a crypto trading service soon. The service focuses on institutional investors as Bloomberg reported. The news outlet further stated that the trading platform will launch in a few weeks already. Due to the recovery of the crypto market and highly positive year-to-date returns so far, interest in cryptocurrencies as an investment is renewed. Claims To Launch First Security Token Exchange is the next big exchange that wants to enable the trade with security tokens. According to the exchange’s whitepaper, its users will be able to trade up 1000 different securities on the exchange. claims to launch the “first global tokenised [sic] securities platform”. Or at least “the first European regulated tokenised [sic] security exchange”. Is it a valid claim?

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Fidelity to Introduce Crypto Trading in the Next Couple of Weeks

One on the guru companies in the financial sector, Fidelity Investments recently announced that it has plans to roll out a cryptocurrency trading service soon. In one of the recent reports published by Bloomberg on Monday, the writer states that a person who is familiar with the plan confirmed that indeed the financial investment company was planning to roll out a service that will allow customers to trade in bitcoins.

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