Roundup – 06/05/2019 – Ria Money Transfer Uses Ripple’s xCurrent & more

Ria Money Transfer Uses Ripple’s xCurrent

Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, became part of RippleNet. The bank will use xCurrent to connect with Ripple’s global payment network. It currently includes over 200 financial institutions. xCurrent allows banks to conduct borderless transactions with low fees and end-to-end tracking. The software completes transactions in a few seconds.

Litecoin Branded Tablets Available in the Market

The Litecoin Foundation recently introduced a cryptocurrency tablet in collaboration with Cobo. The logo of Litecoin sits at the top section of the tablet to make it unique. One of the highlights of this advanced custom tablet from Litecoin is its security feature for recovery phrases. The tablet secures recovery phrases that users need to access their digital wallets. The hardware makes it easy for users to keep their cryptocurrency wallet pass phrases secure. Thereby, locking out people who would have remotely accessed them if they were stored in any other device or location.

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Kaspersky Lab Launches Blockchain And Crypto Service Pack

Businesses that have adopted Blockchain and those that are in the crypto economy could benefit from the new Kaspersky Lab service pack. The Kaspersky service pack offers incident response, protection against phishing, security awareness training, application & website security assessment, and smart contract code review solutions. Most importantly, Kaspersky Lab has a tailored service for crypto exchanges which is designed to help these platforms to detect and prevent fraud and money laundering as well as to avoid attacks. The Kaspersky Lab service pack will, therefore, revolutionize crypto exchange operations by protecting crypto token offering (ICO/ STO) projects from security risks that are threatening to bring down Token crowdfunding.

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Warren Buffet: The Best Time To Buy Cryptos Is Always “Now”

Warren Buffet revealed in one of his interviews that prospective investors always make a mistake by procrastinating buying Cryptos. He says that people do this in anticipation of a bullish market trend. However, Warren Buffet says that staying out of the game for long has zero leverage on future investments. As the Cryptocurrency market is an area for long term investments. Investors can attest to this fact by analyzing the long-term graphs for various digital assets to note that the earlier a person buys Cryptos, the more the future rewards he/she accrues over time.