Roundup – 06/03/2019 – Canadian Court Grants Quadriga CX Creditor Protection & more

Canadian Court Grants Quadriga CX Creditor Protection

The Canadian court has granted QuadrigaCX two of its requests. Jennifer Robertson asked for both in an affidavit a week ago. Robertson is the wife of the deceased Gerald Cotten and one of the two court-appointed directors of QuadrigaCX. The first request was to extend the creditor protection and the second one was to appoint Peter Wedlake as the chief restructuring officer of QuadrigaCX. The protection will continue until 17th of April, an additional 47 days to the prior creditor extension. As both remaining directors of QuadrigaCX have no experience in managing a bankrupt company and in the field of cryptocurrencies, the court appointed Wedlake to become the CRO. Wedlake is a Senior on the counseling board of QuadrigaCX and has experience in consulting and in the financing business. Robertson filed recently another request which consists in the reimbursement of legal fees of up to $225,000.

Opera Touch-Cryptocurrency Inspired Browser Coming Soon

After launching on Android, Opera team has announced that the team is working on cryptocurrency-inspired browser for iPhone users. What this means is that you will soon be able to use the browser on your iPhone and iPad device. Reports indicate that the new browser will be referred to as Opera Touch and it will enable you to browser a decentralized web that is commonly referred to as Web 3.0.

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5 Japanese Banks Launch Blockchain Based Finance Platform

5 Japanese Banks are partnering to launch a blockchain based trading and finance platform. The platform will have the name “Fitting Hub” and will likely launch in April already. According to a press release, the banks are relying on IBM to launch the blockchain and to operate the software that allows to monitor and control the operations of the platform. The Japanese banking sector is realizing the innovative potential of the blockchain and of cryptocurrencies. Japanese banks have started to invest and maintain exchanges and even launch their own stablecoin as Mizuho e.g. announced last month.

TrueUSD Stablecoin Will Offer Real Time Audits to Users

The stablecoin project TrueUSD (TUSD) has partnered with the accounting firm Armanino. The partnership enables users and customers of TrueUSD to audit the backing funds of the stablecoin. According to TrueUSD’s blog post,  “real-time dashboard has been built independently by Armanino and will provide third-party confirmation, with TrustToken as an exclusive client.” TrustToken, the organization behind TrueUSD, determined that the feature will launch early in April.