Roundup – 06/02/19 – Phillippines Issue New Regulation for the Crypto Industry & more

Phillippines Issue New Regulation for the Crypto Industry

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority of the Philippines (CEZA) has issued new comprehensive regulations on cryptocurrencies. The regulation seeks to conciliate investor protection and investor interests with the goal to facilitate innovation and stimulate the economy. The CEZA’s approach is to obligate ICO issuers to collaborate with certified service providers. The new regulation requires e.g. ICO issuers to give investors clear information and to get advice and certification by experts. Furthermore, ICO issuers need to list their tokens on the official Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange (OVCE).

Kraken Purchases UK Exchange Crypto Facilities

Kraken is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the United States. Over the past couple of years, it has been making serious progress and expanding. Just recently, Kraken has gone ahead to acquire Crypto Facilities. Crypto Facilities is a futures provider and cryptocurrency exchange program that is based in the United Kingdom. The company has confirmed all that in a press statement that was done on the 4th of February 2019.

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Death Certificate of Cotten Appeared – Doubt Continues

Coindesk has received a death certificate of the government of Rajahastan. The Directorate of Economics & Statistics” has issued the certificate. Critics and skeptics in the QuadrigaCX case have suggested that the death of CEO, Gerald Cotten, was staged as part of an elaborate exit-scam. Of course, the skepticism continues as the certificate misspelled the name of Cotten as “Cottan”. Furthermore, the certificate does not mention the cause of death of Cotten.

World’s First Formula 1 Cryptocurrency Deal Announced- FuturoCoin

The beauty of the cryptocurrency industry is that it is borderless and has proven to be capable of improving just about any industry. Red Bull Aston Martin yesterday announced to the public that they have finally managed to partner with one of the new cryptocurrency companies in the world, FuturoCoin.

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Facebook Acquires Blockchain Based Start-Up

According to Cheddar, sources have intimated that the social media giant Facebook purchased the Blockchain start-up Chainspace through an acquihire. An acquihire is the acquisition of a company not for the services or products that it deals in but for the expert and skilled manpower of its employees.

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