Roundup – 05/03/2019 – Will Starbucks Offer Bakkt Users to Pay in Crypto? & more

Will Starbucks Offer Bakkt Users to Pay in Crypto?

According to an informant that talked to the crypto news outlet The Block, Starbucks will offer Bakkt’s customers to pay in crypto. Bakkt, is the upcoming crypto asset exchange of Intercontinental Exchange that also maintains the New York Stock Exchange. The Block’s founder, Mike Dudas, confirmed the News yesterday. Paying in crypto at Starbuck’s, as the world’s largest coffee house chain, would be a major breakthrough in adoption. Reportedly, Bakkt sealed the deal with Starbucks by offering the company a “disproportionately high” equity reward.

Carrefour Applies Blockchain to Track Production

The French Retail Giant Carrefour already applies the blockchain to track the production and transport of its tomatoes, oranges and eggs. According to a recent press release, the company will add milk to its blockchain based tracking system with the name Filière Qualité Carrefour (FQC). Carrefour is the biggest retail company in Europe with revenues of €76 billion ($86.2 billion) in 2018.

Facebook Is Developing Its Native Token

Facebook is creating its own native Token that will be used on WhatsApp to facilitate cross-border payments. The new Facebook Cryptocurrency is expected to transform social media by allowing users to participate in financial transactions. The timeline for deploying the Facebook Crypto is set for the course of the year. There are 50 engineers working on the project under the management of the former president of PayPal David Marcus. The input of the former PayPal DP is significant as his input in the process will be vital in creating a state-of-the-art payment platform that rivals PayPal, Skrill, Venmo or any other online payment platform.

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Coinbase Liaises With Neutrino To Safeguard Data

According to a Coinbase Executive, Christine Sandler, the leading Cryptocurrency exchange platform has liaised with Neutrino– a data safety solution. Neutrino solution offers to provide 100% data privacy to ensure that users’ data is not obtained by unauthorized third parties. Through the deal, Coinbase aims to protect clients from unscrupulous data management service providers who usually sell data without consent from owners.

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Bitcoin Gift Cards Hold The Key To Mass BTC Adoption

Mass adoption of Bitcoin would be a hallmark that would mark the fulfilling of the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto of creating an alternative Currency that operates in a decentralized ecosystem known as Blockchain. To this effect, Bitcoin enthusiasts have been marketing the Digital Tokens to users. On the other hand, Blockchain experts have been creating and deploying platforms such as wallets and Crypto exchanges that are central to the adoption and utilization of BTC in real-life transactions.

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