Roundup 04/01/2019 – Bitcoin ATM Producer Lamassu Settled in Switzerland

Bitcoin ATM Producer Lamassu Settled in Switzerland

The first Bitcoin ATM producer, Lamassu, is moving to Switzerland. The ATM manufacturer has been searching for over a year for a suitable country to launch its business. So far, Lamassu has been founded and produced in Portugal. However, the company has struggled to find a bank that offers them a simple banking account. A problem well known to exchanges and investment companies in the crypto sector. Though, Lamassu does not deal with cryptocurrencies itself. According to Lamassu, the company “had a nice chat with a small bank in Canton Aargau” and now “they have a full account at a bank that is completely aware of our business model and happy to have us on board”. Lamassu is now officially known as Lamassu Industries AG with its headquarter in Lucern, in the “crypto valley of Switzerland.

Irish Government Passes Anti-Money Laundering Bill That Affects Cryptocurrencies

Calls for cryptocurrency regulations are getting louder by the day. The Irish government has approved an anti-money laundering bill that will have serious ramifications on the cryptocurrency industry in the country. The law whose directive came into effect on July 9th, 2018 provides a framework that European financial regulators should use to regulate digital currencies.

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Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork Gets Binance Endorsement

Binance Crypto exchange has confirmed that it will be supporting the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork set for January 16th, 2019. The expected hard fork will support a 7,080,000 Block height. This will, in turn, transform Ethereum Blockchain technology platform that has is well known for its Smart Contract features and the ERC20 Token protocols that are widely preferred by Crypto and Blockchain developers all over the world.

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Deutsche Bahn Partners with Unibright to Create Token Eco-System

The Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany’s largest train operator, will create a tokenized eco-system for services. The eco-system will include Deutsche Bahn’s own services as well as those of third-parties like taxis, hotels and restaurants etc. To facilitate this ecosystem the German company is partnering with Unibright, crypto company that specializes in business integration. Currently, Deutsche Bahn sent four of its own developers to work together with Unibright to develop this system.

Trump’s Border Wall Showdown Highlights The Need For Cross-Border Crypto Payments

It is becoming evident that this time around, President Donald Trump will finally succeed in getting the $5 billion for his border wall funding. This is because the 13-day government shutdown end is nowhere in sight as Trump is not ready to back down on a promise to his base that got him in the oval office in the first place. Therefore, in the end, there will be a form of compromise from the Schumer and Pelosi-led Democratic party that will lead to the construction of a wall spanning the entire southern border with Mexico.

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