Roundup – 03/Jan/2019 – Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary Amidst Crypto Winter

Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary Amidst Crypto Winter

The first message on the Bitcoin blockchain is a simple quotation that reads “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on Brink of second Bailout for Banks”. Back then the financial crisis was still ongoing. To some, it might come as a surprise that we are discussing again whether another financial crisis is due. As stock markets have recently sunk below 16%. However, the criticism that Satoshi Nakamoto subtly expressed in his first message is still valid. Though, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are experiencing their own crisis. The so-called “crypto winter” describes the bear market and the squabble between the different versions of Bitcoin.

TheDarkOverlord Banned from Twitter – Back on Steemit

Yesterday the hacker group TheDarkOverlord published the first documents of the insurance company Hiscox. After that Twitter banned the account with which the hackers announced their actions and releases. Today the group reappeared on Steemit. Their account has already proven to be real and discredited other accounts on Twitter that pose to be them. TheDarkOverlord will now continue to publish on Steem.

Iran Criminalizes Use of Telegram’s Gram

Iran continues its policy against Telegram by criminalizing the use of Gram. The native cryptocurrency of the social messaging app. The Iranian government fears that the cryptocurrency could undermine the social and economic order in the country. The Rial has plummeted by more than 40% in its value in 2018 due to US sanctions. Telegram is the most popular social network in Iran with 40 million users. While it is arguably not decentralized as a non-profit organization it holds anti-censorship and free speech values. The app encrypted messages long before Whatsapp. Furthermore, it even offers solutions to send messages while concealing the originator or to save messages only on the originator’s and the recipient’s device. However, Telegram can and does ban accounts if they violate the law. 

South Africa Set to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Governments and organizations are more aware and concerned about the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology than ever. Reports indicate that South Africa is working on policies that will enable it to regulate cryptocurrencies. Unlike other countries that perceive cryptocurrencies as a threat to the current economy and value of their fiat currencies, South Africa and many developed economies have shown tremendous support for digital currencies. They are willing to embrace the blockchain technology to enhance their local economy.

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