Roundup – 02/11/2018 – Black Rock CEO: No Bitcoin ETF until Bitcoin is ‘legitimate’ & more

Black Rock CEO: No Bitcoin ETF until Bitcoin is ‘legitimate’

Black Rock, the world’s largest asset management firm stated that it will not launch a Bitcoin ETF before cryptocurrencies have become legitimate. Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, is basically bullish on Bitcoin. However, remains skeptical on short-term. Major issues like anonymity and its consequences, the possibility of money laundering and funding criminal activities are major issues for most governments. According to Fink, this will likely thwart many attempts to regulate Bitcoin in a positive manner in many states. The level of legitimacy that Black Rock has in mind could, however, be a positive decision of the SEC in the Bitcoin ETF case of VanEck and SolidX.

Coinsource allowed to operate in the state of New York

Coinsource, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM producers in the United States, received a Bitlicense from the financial authoroties of New York. The controversial license allows crypto companies to run a business within the borders of New York state. Coinsource operates Bitcoin ATMs already in 18 states of the US and already gave out the goal to expand its business all over North America.

Brazilian Court Rules Blocking Bank Accounts of Crypto Exchange Unlawful

The Brazilian cryptocurrency industry wins two separate court cases where two banks were accused of freezing bank account of a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in the country Bitcoin Max. The two banks Banco Santander and Banco do Brasil suspended the bank account last year on September.

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Ledger Opens Office in Hong Kong to Conquer Asian Market

Ledger the French blockchain and crypto security firm has opened an office in Hong Kong. In addition to that, the management of Ledger appointed Benjamin Soong the heead of Asia Pacific. Soong will oversee all operations of Ledger in the region. Soong announced already that the company seeks to open offices in Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore as well.