Roundup – 02/01/2019 – Hacker Group TheDarkOverlord Retrieved 9/11 Documents

Hacker Group TheDarkOverlord Retrieved 9/11 Documents

The Hackergroup, TheDarkOverLord, has threatened to release secret documents on 9/11 if not paid a ransom. The documents are from the insurance company Hiscox Group. The management of which has already confirmed that hackers gained access to the servers of a law firm that advised Hiscox. The partner company has in fact been involved in the 9/11 case. TheDarkOverlord claims that the 18.000 documents it retrieved will provide many answers about 9/11. The Hacker group tweets about this under #tdohacked911.

15 Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities in Abkhazia without Power

The Republic of Abkhazia has reportedly cut power from 15 cryptocurrency mining facilities located in the country. The government cited electricity consumption concerns as the primary reason for cutting the mining facilities off of power.

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14% Chinese Citizens Have Invested in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have continued to gain traction across the globe and have managed to lives of millions of people. A recent report that was done by Panews has revealed that only 14% of Chinese citizens have ventured into cryptocurrencies. This means that only 1 in every 7 Chinese have invested their fiat currency in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.

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Ethereum Regains Position as Second Largest Cryptocurrency in Market Cap

Between the years Ethereum has quietly regained its position as the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The cryptocurrency which “decentralizes everything” has maintained this position throughout the bull run of 2017 leaving both Ripple and Bitcoin Cash behind. However, Litecoin, the cryptocurrency that once had a stable place in the Top 5 has been outpaced for now by EOS and Stellar.