Roundup – 01/05/2019 – Tether Only 74% Backed By USD & more

Tether Only 74% Backed By USD

Tether continues to spark controversy. Tether‘s General Counser Stuart Hoegner indicated in an affidavit that the company holds only liquid means with a value of $2.1 billion.The current supply of Tether lies at $2.85 billion. The news came from TheBlock. However, Tether removed the claim that it backs USDT 1:1 with the USD in March already. Back then, the company stated that it backs Tether now with assets and demands to other institutions as well.

HTC Will Release Second Blockchain Phone This Year

HTC‘s CDO (Chief Decentralized Officer) announced that the rather succesful Blockchain Smartphone HTC Exodus One will have a successor. The CDO stated that HTC will expand the features of its second blockchain phone. HTC released the Exodus One last October. Its successor will follow this year already.

Binance Launched Mainnet – Dangerous Rival For Ethereum & Co.

It has been a week since Binance launched its own native blockchain. Over all, the market welcomed the launch as the price of BNB from year-to-date proves. The Binance Chain will allow startups and enterprises to launch their own tokens. This will possibly create another strong competitor for projects like Ethereum, EOS or Zilliqa.

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ATO Starts Collecting Records from Australian Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Curb Tax Cheats

Australian cryptocurrency investors who have invested in digital currencies could soon get an official letter from the Australian Taxation Office to file taxes. The decision by ATO was made to help the government benefit from the ballooning cryptocurrency industry in the country through taxes. Reports indicate that ATO has already started collecting records from various cryptocurrency exchange platforms that operate in the country. The financial regulator has also stated that data submission should be an ongoing process and should include specific information such as sale and purchase of various digital currencies.

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