Roundup – 01/04/2019 – Swiss Company Pays Staff in Bitcoin & more

Swiss Company Pays Staff in Bitcoin

The Swiss company Netzmedien AG will pay its whole staff in Bitcoin from now on. The staff voted to proceed with Bitcoin payments in a democratic manner and the decision was unanimous. The publishing house maintains the news-site Netzwoche on which they also published the announcement (German) to this step. The company currently employs a staff of 30 persons. In their statement, Netzmedien says that SBB (bank) and Digitec Galaxus (e-commerce) have set a good example in Switzerland.

Projection: Blockchain Technology May Replace Credit Cards By 2022

Blockchain payment systems are increasingly becoming popular all over the world. If the trend continues, Blockchain may replace credit cards sooner than expected- by 2022- according to the Co-founder and CEO of, Kris Marszalek. A decade after debit and credit digital cards came into existence in the banking industry, they have made life easier and convenient all over the world. However, the advent of Blockchain technology is challenging the prominence of the banking cards as, for the first time, more people are aware of a better alternative that is easier and cost effective as well as private, and safer.

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The World Bank Praises xRapid in Recent Report

The World Bank Has Praised Ripple’s financial transaction service xRapid in a recent report. The report basically confirms what protagonists of Ripple or Stellar have been saying for years. The current system for cross-border payments is highly ineffective as different banks with different systems have to work together. Different business times in different time zones further effect the speed of transactions. In addition to that, the service is often not very cost-effective. The World Bank cites Ripple as a good example on how DLT could improve the current situation.

Coffee Board Of India Adopts Blockchain Technology

Technology in agriculture is becoming fundamental as the sector is becoming increasingly modern and receptive to high-tech methods of production and supply chain management. Blockchain technology is one of the ideal technologies that the agriculture industry is using to support some functions such as providing information about soil composition, managing the supply chain, crop insurance, and sourcing for markets. Specifically, a Bengaluru-based digital commodity management platform, Eka Software, has developed a Blockchain system for the Coffee Board of India. The company that also serves a local agriculture giant Cargill and a mining firm Rio Tinto is aiming to grow the local Indian Coffee market by offering farmers access to international markets, and reliable coffee data to roasters and exporters.

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