Roundup 01/03/2019 – Ethereum Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ Accomplished & more

Ethereum Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ Accomplished

Ethereum passed the Constantinople upgrade. The upgrade had been delayed for more than a month. It is an important hard fork that tackles the many problems Ethereum faces regardings its scaling qualities. It provides the groundwork for upcoming scaling solutions like sharding, Casper and the Raiden network. Another important update is the difficulty adjustment and the reduction of block rewards from 3 ETH to 2 ETH.

Thailand Bans Three Cryptocurrencies For ICOs

The SEC of Thailand has banned three cryptocurrencies that used to be availabe as base pairs for ICOs. The ban considers Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). The three cryptocurrencies had previously been allowed in July last year. However, effectively the renewed ban does not effect the market. Since the SEC had not approved any ICOs that traded for any of these cryptocurrencies. The official announcement did not reveal any details on why it decided to ban these three cryptocurrencies.

Telegram and Facebook Hoping To Resolve Bitcoin Downsides

The two companies, Facebook and Telegram are rumored to be working on a new platform that will give millions of their users an alternative to the conventional digital coins. Signal, another global company is also working closely with them to launch a new set of cryptocurrencies in the next one year. One of the highlights of this solution is that it will enable users to send money to their contacts through the existing messaging platform. However, the platform will be improved to facilitate secure and international transactions. The platform will work like PayPal and Venmo but will be more progressive and user-friendly.

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Fidelity Team And LinkedIn Co-Founder Participate In Lightning Torch

The latest participants to receive payments in the Lightning Torch are Reid Hoffman who is the co-founder of LinkedIn and a digital assets team from Fidelity Investments. These two companies are global giants in career networking and financial services respectively. Therefore, their indirect participation in the Lightning torch is vital with respect to raising awareness of the efficiency of using Bitcoin Lightning network.

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Nivaura Blockchain Set To Cut Out Custody Middlemen In Stock Markets

Capital markets are set to adopt the model of vending machines for trading stocks if the London Stock Exchange-funded Nivaura Blockchain gets its way. For the time being, stock markets are characterized by a complex web of depositors who hold stock certificates as well as investments banks that hold hard and cold cash, as well as counterparties that act as virtual representatives of assets. Therefore, if Nivaura Blockchain roadmap materializes, stock market participants (companies and investors) will be dealing directly with each other and investors will have the ability to hold their own stock assets in the ecosystem based on Blockchain technology that the platform is proffering.

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