Review of Bitcoin Prime 2021: Is it Legit?

For an advanced crypto trading platform like Bitcoin Prime, it is easy to draw people’s attention and interest their financial stability. However, it is also scary to some people, which is reasonable since cryptocurrencies will always be risky because of their volatile nature, especially for new users with little to no trading experience. 


Most of the new crypto investors with Bitcoin Prime want to know how they can make money from the crypto market. The feedback is outstanding so far; they confirm that everybody who engages in crypto trade via Bitcoin Prime earns a profit.


This is yet another comprehensive review to help readers make wise decisions. Let’s start by exploring what Bitcoin Prime really is and how this trading platform operates.



Bitcoin Prime Review

  • Free Registration Account.
  • Minimum deposit $250.
  • No Service Charges.
  • Unavailable to US users
  • Allows trade in all crypto currencies.
  • Highly Secure, they encrypt every page on the website.
  • Enforces CFDs which helps users to make money even when the market is down.


What is Bitcoin Prime?

bitcoin prime

The Bitcoin Prime application is an advanced software that facilitates new or experienced traders to access stock markets and efficiently trade securities. It  is a completely free-trading application, which means it doesn’t charge any fee or commission on the trades.


Bitcoin Prime is special in contrast to other trading apps as it integrates an advanced algorithm that, using previous trade data, market indicators, and price charts, scans and analyses the global financial markets. 


As a result, it allows access to data-driven business research and insights. Kudos to the data given by the Bitcoin Prime application, users can make fast and reliable investment decisions.





Is Bitcoin Prime a Scam?


Regarding Bitcoin Prime and its credibility, there are several questions and misconceptions, particularly about the earning prospects for investor’s trading activities. The crypto-currency market is competitive and time-sensitive, we must note. 


  • New users can try a demo. There is a minimal deposit of £ 250/€ 250 to begin live trading until satisfied.


  • To protect traders and their assets from fluctuations, there are minimum deposit and stop loss limits.


  • By leveraging the brokers & trading signals on the network, a win-rate as high as 88 percent is attainable.


  • User-friendly interface.


However, note that success is not guaranteed in any business, and the Bitcoin Prime does not promise riches. Given the threat to volatility, the success of the Bitcoin Prime app reveals that it has accomplished its aim of having an intuitive trading platform for investors. 


The Bitcoin Prime app can be used by those new to the CFD trading arena to gain direct access to useful market insights, thereby allowing them to trade efficiently and accurately.




How The Bitcoin Prime Works?

With an automated trading robot, the Bitcoin Prime system is working. Anytime a live trading session begins, it triggers the robot.


Traders can use Bitcoin Prime for Long- and short-term trades. This is a versatility that the many crypto users that deal with an automated system will profit from.


Besides, Bitcoin Prime, a successful trading application, is built to endorse trading in CFD (contract for differences). When CFDs are traded, investors do not purchase or sell capital assets or securities.


They simply forecast the directional movement of an asset’s value. This means that, as long as traders correctly forecast the market trend, they will gain profit from both the upward and downward price fluctuations of a resource.


The instability of CFDs in the market means that they are volatile. The Bitcoin Prime team, however, is adamant that the app can provide legitimate access to market research using technical analysis and historical knowledge, allowing informed trading decisions being made.


Also, to identify the best deals, the trading robot examines the crypto market. From the amount of successful deals that have been done, the user receives benefit. This is basically how the trading platform runs.



Get Started on Bitcoin Prime in 4 Simple Steps


  • Registration

To login, try to create a free account on the official website using the form provided there. It will request for the name of the user and their contact details. After the registration process, they will appoint a personal broker to direct you through the phase of authentication & setting up.


  • Deposits

It is recommended by the app that an initial fund transfer should be a minimum deposit of £250/€250. For people who have never exchanged digital currencies before, starting small is better. To  enable the live trading feature, a deposit is essential. 


Traders/investors can make deposits using a MasterCard, Visa or Maestro.However, before trading can begin, it will require users to confirm their account & identity.


GDPR rules would apply and SSL licenses backs up all transfers for new users concerned about protecting their card or personal information. This ensures that on the web, all the user’s sensitive data is encrypted. 


  • Demo Trades

Particularly for relatively inexperienced users, the application offers a demo account/demo trade feature. they recommend using the demo trading feature for learning how the system works. 


The demo feature is essentially a replication, without the use of real money, of the live trading platform and is intended to help users experience the service, know about live trading, and test the platform’s efficiency.


  • Live Trades 

It is advised that all new users set trading limits before commencing a live trade.  It will protect every investment or mitigate the possibility of enormous losses, at least. 


If the user has configured the initial limit levels, the system will enforce them every trading day, except if the user updates the settings until a trade occurs.


 Again, before moving on to live trade, it is advisable to use the demo trade feature.



Key Features of the App

 In several ways, the research team leveraged this analysis; they took advantage of the chance to explore the various features of Bitcoin Prime.


The best part about Bitcoin Prime trading is that users can use these features any time, they are easy to use, and no need for any expertise.


  • Feature for Account Update

Existing and new Bitcoin Prime users can benefit from the account update feature to incorporate more details or edit previous information to their profile.


The Bitcoin Prime notifies its users that they will be asked for random user evaluations. This is performed to confirm that at all times, the users are authentic account owners.


  • Customer Service

Account holders who trade on a regular basis with Bitcoin Prime can use the customer service feature to get help and answers when needed. 


The customer service function works online; during this analysis, the team checked its 24/7 availability. 


  • Registering Accounts

During the review process, this feature was used, and they have noted that opening a new Bitcoin Prime account is so convenient.


 The team developed a trial account for Bitcoin Prime in about three minutes during this analysis, which will be handy for working professionals who want to begin crypto trading.


  • Verification

This is yet another functionality on the automated platform. Bitcoin Prime performs the checking to ensure the accuracy of the details entered by the prospective account holder. 


In order to determine that the account owner is human, the Bitcoin Prime verifies its users since it is prohibited for bots to interact with Bitcoin Prime.




Benefits of Trading with Bitcoin Prime

bitcoin app

  • User-friendly Features

This platform would be easy for a new user.  The characteristics are simple and easily understood.


  • Verification Process

 What we expect a licenced trading platform to do is check the personal details of the customer. And this is exactly what Bitcoin Prime does, which has gained it the traders’ confidence.


  • Online Customer Assistance

a chat & phone service is ready 24/7 for customer service support.


  • Demo Trading Mode

Before investing in capital, users are prepared to understand the trading mechanics. It also prevents potential consumers from spending enormous amounts of cash in a market that they may not yet comprehend.


  • Quick Withdrawals

Traders can make withdrawals within 24 hours of the earned profit. They can get the money transferred in their local bank and can easily use it in the future. 


  • Experienced Brokers

The feature that the research team appreciated most is how the platform allocates a private broker to the portfolio of the user to help the users and can also conduct trades on behalf of the customer with the various investment strategies. 



The result of this Bitcoin Prime application review leads to the support that this platform is 100% legitimate and can benefit experienced, and novice traders earn extra money and increase their wealth. 


The hundreds of user testimonials report that every week a new user will earn between €200 and €1000. This fully depends on how much money the consumer spends and continues to reinvest.


Hence, it is true that the Bitcoin Prime is a valid application. It is genuine in its claims and, for further investment consideration, is reliable and adequate. Around 150 countries can access and leverage from its advanced algorithm.