Quantfury Unveils App For Cryptocurrency Trading

Owners of Cryptocurrencies will be able to trade in all markets following the introduction of a zero-fee and zero-commission trading application. Launched by Quantfury, the app will enable all users to use Digital Assets as collateral for trading in different markets all over the world.

According to an official statement, the fintech firm states that its mission is to transform all markets by making them fair and transparent by enabling Crypto holders to have liquidity over their Crypto Assets.

Solving Market Distortions

Quantfury is aiming to eliminate market distortions that some speculative Crypto exchange brokerage services practice in order to profit from huge margins. These imperfections include unrealistic fees, artificially adjusted prices, and poor spread of leverage that exposes investors to volatility risks. Hence, a transparent financial practice in Crypto markets would benefit all traders and root out bad actors.

Quantfury App Will Collateralize Assets

This platform will be available in an app version that is supported by Android and iOS systems. It is designed to be user-friendly to accommodate beginners who wish to delve into the world of Cryptocurrency trading.

After downloading the app on smartphones, traders will sign up and access the dashboard. The effortless onboarding process will take less than two minutes and the user will have to deposit Cryptocurrencies as collateral. Afterward, the trader will be ushered into a fiat traded markets that allow them to trade an excess of 20 times their collateral.

The motto of the platform is “cannot be evil,” a twist from the common catchphrase “don’t be evil. This is because the network deviates from the industry norm of lack of fairness and transparency. In its case, it will be allowing all users, after being assigned the trading power, to buy and sell fiat pairs, commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and equities at the best prices and bids directly from leading Crypto exchanges. On the perspective of Cryptos, it is only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether that are available at this point. The platform team, however, promises to add more in its roadmap actualization.

Most importantly, traders cannot incur losses exceeding their collateral. This strategy cushions users from markets volatility especially due to unforeseen events like government legislation, a plunge in the mainstream economy, and a relentlessly negative campaign against some of the markets by critical activists.

One-stop Crypto Marketplace

Hence, it is correct to liken the network to a one-stop marketplace of Crypto markets. First, this is because it offers more than 750 large and medium cap stocks listed in European and US exchanges. Secondly, it offers 14 fiat currency pairings. Thirdly, the platform supports silver, gold, and crude oil-based trading commodities. Lastly, there are 8 major Crypt trading pairs that are linked directly to leading Crypto markets.

Gregory Kim, the Company’s CEO pointed out that Quantfury is has a very efficient, successful, and timely model since it is built by machine learning professionals, quants, and traders with real-life experiences.

Quantfury is located in the British Virgin Islands and has operations support centers in Singapore and Toronto.

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