PumaPay Chrome Wallet Is Here!

PumaPay has launched a wallet extension for Chrome. The new solution is expected to offer a virtual online solution that will allow users to access their wallets on the leading browser platform.

The PumaPay extension will make it easy for users to manage and access their portfolios from the comfort of their devices in real time.

The announcement was done via Twitter on the official PumaPay blog site where a tweet says that “PumaPay Chrome Wallet is Here!” the statement further informs users that they can manage and access their wallets from Chrome browsers effective from April 23, 2019.

The Chrome Plugin Is Efficient

PumaPay is assuring clients that its new Chrome plugin has enhanced capabilities, functionality, as well as efficiency. This is because its infrastructure is based on the MetaMask Chrome Extension technology that has key features that allow the extension to be compatible with the PumaPay system.

The efficiency will allow the clients to access the Cryptobilling services that are vital for business-to-business transactions. Additionally, the services are ideal for retail users who sometimes prefer to use the PMA Token to pay for goods and services in the online marketplace.

The Roadmap For The Plugin Development Will Lead To New Versions

PumaPay is also informing users that the Chrome extension is set for an upgrade in the future. For instance, the next version will support the PullPayment Advanced Billing Models from PumaPay.

This solution enables businesses to accept Cryptopayments and edge out their competitors by being dynamic. Therefore, the new extension is appropriate for businesses and individuals who consider scalability, future improvement, and consistency of their payment platforms as fundamental to their business models.

How To Get Started

The first step is to download the Chrome plugin from the official website. After installing the extension, users should restore their wallets by adding their individual seed phrase and then create a password.

There is also an option for creating a new wallet altogether. This process starts by creating a new password. Secondly, a customer should then save the generated seed phrase. Lastly, after confirming the seed phrase, a new wallet is created. This option allows PumaPay clients to have two separate wallets where one can be synced online while the other is fully offline.

All these processes enable a user to see the Token portfolio on the Chrome browser.

A Mobile App Is In Its Trial Phase

PumaPay is also set to unveil mobile apps for its native platforms. One such software is in the beta testing stage and its launch is set for the second week of May. The mobile app projects aim to transform user experience and also to encourage adoption of the PumaPay token (PMA).

About PumaPay

PumaPay is a platform that offers a comprehensive payment network that enables businesses and retail users to accept Crypto payments with ease.


The CEO is Yoav Dror who is promising to deliver a disruptive payment solution.

Moreover, PMA Coin is the 285th largest Crypto that is available on exchange platforms such as Upbit, HitBTC, Bittrex, etc. The Token is accepted by leading businesses such as MojoHost, Rent24, IronFX, Wix.com, PornHub, etc.