Pro Version Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Live, And Crypto Debit Cards Sent To The European Union

An on-the-spot cryptocurrency exchange has launched a premium version, that will offer numerous benefits for reasonable fees. The purpose of this initiative is to alleviate the knowledge summit newbies and old hands to crypto trading often experience. The crypto exchange in question, is Changelly, with the new version having been branded as Changelly Pro.

Changelly was launched in 2015, and since inception has gained more than 160 crypto tokens for its clients to trade. Changelly CEO, Eric Benz, stated how when the company began its user base was made of individuals new to cryptocurrencies. Adding that since 2015, their user base has grown in their confidence and level of skill in active trading.

Exploring Advantages Of A PRO Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are numerous benefits that individuals who subscribe to the premium service will receive. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Numerous market offerings
  • A user-friendly and fully-personalized hub for each user
  • All crypto tokens housed in one multicurrency digital wallet
  • Minimal fees for withdrawing of funds
  • Easy and minimal registration process
  • Twenty-four hours, seven days a week customer service
  • Educational content to increase user knowledge of both the pro service and cryptocurrency trading
  • Changelly is fully regulated and observes due legal process

Changelly came to work on PRO after data indicated half of their users used custodial exchanges to facilitate short-term trades. Benz went on to add, that by forming their own solution, they have provided further value to their customers. Changelly is essentially an arbitrator between various markets and individuals or firms. This means that a person can trade various forms of Fintech within the space of ten minutes all in one platform.

Binance Unveils Crypto Debit Cards

Binance Unveils Crypto Debit Cards Will Soon Be Available In The European Union

After a tweet from the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, it was unveiled that crypto debit cards would be released. Unfortunately, these won’t yet be available en masse but rather have a finite number. In addition, the card will only be available in certain parts of the EU and not in all areas.

Binance revealed that the card would be a reality as of April this year. The new product offering was made possible due to Binance purchasing Swipe. Swipe specialized in the creation of fintech debit cards. Later on, in July, CEO Chanpeng Zhao and his team, added that testing of the cards was underway.

However, it was noted that the United Kingdom and other nations throughout the world would soon have access. At present, there is no further information on the timelines associated. Nor has there been much information on the requisite criteria needed for clients.

It is important to note, that while many have been dealing with economic hardships, Binance has been thriving. The launch of their debit card offering has been one of their proponents of business growth. All that we can say, is that we can’t wait to be able to test drive one of these cards ourselves.

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