Prime XBT Review

This is one of the new trading platforms that give the traders a new opportunity to trade major virtual coins with leverage. This makes it easy to trade the coins without having to invest huge sums of money.

The Prime XBT Leverage

Leverage is among the many features that advanced traders look for. However, a number of the platforms provide very limited leverage when it comes to trading the virtual coins. PrimeXBT leads the pack by providing a leverage of 1:100. This implies that for every $1, the trader will receive $100 worth of selling and buying power. This will naturally offer access to a higher market position, thus even making more profit. Since leverage is one of the main features of PrimeXBT, more details are provided on the site.

Gaining Profit From Market Movements

Due to the fact the crypto market does not usually increase, PrimeXBT provides methods of profiting whether the market is growing or not. Traders are able to trade any of the most popular virtual coins and hedge the existing holdings. They can also make profits from rallies or the market declines. This implies that you can either opt to go short or long with PrimeXBT. Selling is when you go short, and buying is when you go short. To go long, you will have to purchase the BTC and watch as the account grows in more value, as the BTC’s price rises.

The Perks Of Trading On XBT

As noted earlier, PrimeXBT offers traders the ability to either go short or long. They are also given the opportunity to enjoy leverage of up to 1:100. On top of all that, it still stands out in a number of ways. One of them is the fact that it has a very user-friendly interface. The interface is entirely customizable, and also includes support for several monitors. It is also fast, reliable and the most secure trading platform for the cryptos. This makes it the best in-class option. It is also so easy for the beginners to understand. Besides that, it has some advanced tools that the professional crypto traders would really love.

PrimeXBT Limits And Fees

There are two types of fees that are charged on this trading platform. The first one is trading finance, and the other one is the overnight finance. Since the instruments are leveraged products, you will have to finance the traded value through an overnight financing. Financing is also known as the borrowing cost, and it is based on the liquidity of the underlying asset. If you happen to open and then close a leveraged position in one trading day, you wont be subject to the overnight financing.

The Takeaways From The Trading Platform

PrimeXBT gives the traders an opportunity to invest in the virtual coins with an intuitive interface. The platform is also so easy to use even for the beginners. The site also leads the pack with the following advantages:

  • It has a class-leading leverage of 1:100
  • It has tight spreads
  • It has very low commissions

Trading is easy with this platform, as the traders will just be required to sign up and start right away. As it is the case with any exchange that trade in leverages, caution is much needed when trading here. Any wrong move might make the traders liquidated and even lose all their crypto coins.