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Verasity (VRA) Token Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

verasity (vra)

The Verasity digital currency wallet is one of the latest innovations of the crypto community. This new project revamps the concept of safety and security via its VRA tokens.

Since its launch and listing, the token has been a great performer in the market. But is it an excellent investment for the long term?

Continue reading as we explore the different aspects of the VRA token. In addition to giving you the VRA coin forecast and prediction in this post, we will also go into its price history, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. Let’s get going.

Verasity (VRA): At A Glance

Project Name Verasity
Crypto Symbol VRA
VRA Market Cap $240,498,737
Current Supply 110.36 B
Circulating Supply 4.47 billion
Current Price (As of July 1st week) $4.76
All-time High Rate $0.08683
Official Website

Verasity (VRA): Overview 

The VRA protocol primarily aims to maximize the profits of video creators and publishers by offering opportunities for increased revenue (Verasity). In addition, this protocol tries to recognize legitimate content producers and address the issue of fraudulent views among marketers. It is a patented protocol layer for blockchain technology. 

The SEC’s lack of information on staking is outside of their control, but the United States supports this technology because many AdTech companies have headquarters.

This protocol also claims to significantly enhance advertising revenue for the video publisher by utilizing a wide range of income-generating routes like esports competitions, fight clubs, and other subscription-based activities. 

Similar to this, the foundation intends to introduce its B2B goods later in the year 2021 to improve the reward by expanding its reach to the levels of Youtube, Twitter, and many other social media ad stacks. The surge is encouraging for Verasity cryptocurrency owners because it will lead to increased ecosystem activity and overall favorable growth of VRA’s native digital currency.

Since its launch, Verasity’s pricing has significantly increased thanks to the development of its use instances in the digital ad sector. Moreover, since the project aims to inspire publishers and game creators worldwide, it has successfully lured savvy investors interested in the price forecast of its native commodity VRA. 

The cryptocurrency market is viewed as having two sides. Although some projects enable excellent financial opportunities, others result in fraud. Verasity (VRA) is an innovative initiative that allows a novel, patented “Proof-of-View” consensus mechanism. Through this, it hopes to address the problems with NFT fraud and video streaming.

However, several other aspects add to the token’s performance. Let’s now check out the different fundamentals of the token in the following section.

VRA Token Fundamental Value

For digital ad networks, online ad fraud is a significant problem. Digital ad fraud reportedly costs media companies USD 4.5 million per hour, according to reports. For esports and digital content, Verasity is a network and product layer blockchain-based platform dedicated to providing an enhanced user experience for all players in the market.

The goal of Verasity is to end online ad fraud while promoting security, trust, and openness. You will be able to learn more about the Verasity project while also having the opportunity to win a prize by participating in the “Verasity Telegram Takeover and Treasure Hunt” competition with Bitfinex. In addition, VRA permits the following features:

Market Opportunity For NFT

VeraEsports is a content distributor that has hosted some of the most prestigious, exclusive Esports competitions and user-generated programming in the business. Through developing its future NFT Marketplace, which is slated for a limited beta release in Q3 2022, Verasity will collaborate with its gaming companies to make specialized NFT resources, in-game products, and content accessible.

Business Model Of VRA

Verasity generates income in a variety of ways. The platform earns via transaction fees, commissions on prize money, and revenue from video advertising, Verasity generates income from the material it streams on Additionally, it generates income by integrating with external broadcasting marketplaces.

Underlying Structure Of Blockchain

Verasity has chosen to upgrade to the ERC777 while remaining on the Ethereum chain. The transition from ERC20 is largely finished. The Ethereum blockchain is useful, but why? The issue with non-Ethereum chains is that they are connected to exchanges that trade listings for the chains. As a result, these chains cannot be regarded as neutral. 

Video Player Online (VeraPlayer)

Verasity has developed a working internet video platform for publishers and broadcasters. The Verasity OVP offers several advancements, such as:

Verasity created a solution that publishers and viewers quickly adopt with no changes to workflows, habits, or preferences. Furthermore, this solution was tested with over 8 PB of data each month (verified by Akamai). Therefore, Verasity will scale without any issues other video-sharing platforms have.

Waterfall & Ad Stack

With up to 200 ad networks on one stack, the Verasity ad stack is exceptional because it has eliminated timeouts for publishers needing many SSPs and ad networks. Most ad stacks can only manage a small number of ad networks simultaneously.

Proof Of View

Proof of View already constitutes a crucial patent in blockchain-based ad fraud detection and video monetization. Verasity uses PoV in conjunction with NFT digital collectibles to reach a broader consumer market. Proof of View conducts a pre-screening procedure at the initialization stage and evaluates user behavior using hundreds of metrics. This generates copious statistical data that AI has sorted.

Before delving into the VRA coin prognosis and projections, it is crucial to comprehend its price history to gain greater knowledge thoroughly. 

VRA Token Price History & Overview

Let’s examine the Verasity pricing development. Even while past performance does not guarantee future success, understanding what VRA has accomplished in the past can be helpful when deciphering a Verasity price analysis.

Verasity was worth approximately $0.0005 when it first entered the market in April 2019. It largely remained at this price for two years or more, occasionally moving past the $0.001 threshold but not really lighting the cryptocurrency world on fire.

In March 2021, things started to change. VRA participated in the crypto craze that began in the first months of that year. On March 13, when it reached an intraday peak of $0.01136 and finished at $0.01087, it crossed the cent threshold. At this time, the overall tendency was upward, and on April 17, 2021, it hit a periodic peak of $0.05583.

The price began to float back down, and the great cryptocurrency day meltdown on May 19, 2021, worsened it. The price dropped below the penny threshold for the first time in March.

Verasity remained stagnant for a time, but in August 2021, there was some improvement, and by the end of May, it was restored to where it was in May. Then, after some negative movement in September, the market turned bullish in October, and the coin surged until it reached its historical high of $0.08683 on November 1, 2021.

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However, there’s been ultimately a decline as the Omicron form of Covid-19 concern struck the cryptocurrency market, and the cryptocurrency ended the year with $0.03421.

Verasity’s value was about $0.0275 until 19 January 2022 due to VRA’s persistent inability to escape a bleak market. The final price for the month was just over $0.02.

The currency may have risen above $0.03 in February due to the announcement that the online shooter VALORANT would use the VeraEsports platform as its official e-sports sponsor and exclusive content source for its Champion Tour Asia-Pacific Challengers 2022.

However, the market shrank after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and by the first of March 2022, this was trading for roughly $0.024. Even the announcement that the currency would be traded on the market could not stop the price slide, and by March 22, 2022, it was only worth roughly $0.021.

The market experienced a decisive phase, and on April 2, 2022, VRA reached $0.0305. Unfortunately, there was even more bad news; after China banned cryptocurrencies, it dropped to $0.02047 on April 12, $0.0176 on April 26, and roughly $0.0107 on May 9.

Following that, the market went into a state of crisis, with significant harm being done by the debugging of both the TerraUSD stablecoin as well as the collapse of the related LUNA cryptocurrency. As a result, VRA reached a low of $0.005498 on May 12 and, after briefly bouncing back to $0.009531 on May 16, by May 24 of 2022, it could only muster a high of more than $0.008.

The situation got worse and worse. It was worth around $0.00687 on June 7th, 2022. After that, VRA plunged, reaching a low of $0.004688 on June 13, as the denial of payments on the Celsius cryptocurrency platform confirmed the current bear market in cryptocurrencies. 

The token continued to struggle, but on July 22, after hearing that the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) will be adding its VeraViews advertising ecosystem to its list of global providers, VRA hit a high of $0.006237. Despite a brief decline to a bottom of $0.004869 on July 26, the business soon recovered, and as of August 11th, 2022, VRA was worth approximately $0.0074.

Out of a total output of 110,356,466,695 VRA coins, 10.34 billion were in use. As a result, its market cap increased to over $76.5m. As a result, ranking it as the 319th largest cryptocurrency by that criterion.

VRA Token Price Forecast

The bulls are expected to outnumber the bears as the price prediction projection for the Verasity coin, VRA, is widely expected to continue rising. The Verasity cryptocurrency’s price is expected to rise in the future due to an overall favorable trend. 

By looking at these pricing ranges, aspiring investors can get a decent idea of the return on investment to expect over the next few years. Therefore, before we thoroughly examine Verasity’s price prediction, let’s first comprehend its technical and fundamental analysis.

Prices for VRA (Verasity) have fluctuated throughout the previous few months. Nearly all tokens have shown a trend that appears to go downward, and the cryptocurrency market as a whole is experiencing a gloomy sentiment. However, it is anticipated that the value of VRA will rise and follow a bullish trend in the years leading up to and including 2022.

The popularity of Verasity as an accessible ledger advertising environment and the development of the VRA coin is favorably associated. In addition, Verasity has continued to earn support from the crypto community due to its strong features, which have directly contributed to the rise of its native currency, VRA. 

There are several bullish forecasts for the price of the VRA token, but a recommendation from key figures in the industry might cause the price of the token to grow consistently.

Thus, we learned from this that VRA’s price may soar and that it is a wise investment now and in the future. Of course, these are merely projections; they may not be entirely accurate. Remember that you must conduct your research before investing in any cryptocurrency asset.

Now that you’ve learned a lot about this coin. Let’s move on to the price forecasts for VRA Coin.

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VRA Token Price Prediction 2022-30

Do you know what the VRA coin’s future may hold? Wait no longer; the price forecasts for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 are below:

Verasity Price Prediction for 2022 | Potential ROI: 10%

Verasity’s VRA had maintained a downward trend and a price of $0.0349 as it made its way to 2022. The altcoin’s RSI reached 29.51 as it did. By 13th January, buyers in the market had helped the price increase to $0.035. However, the increase was brief because the altcoin found support at $0.0195 due to market instability. After building up in the area, VRA jumped on a head start to $0.0336 by February 10th.

The price could not maintain itself in the face of global turbulence, falling back to its critical level of $0.0195. In comparison, VRA made an effort to increase to $0.024 by the beginning of March. Unfortunately, the sellers’ hegemony made the sideways trend even worse. A bullish volume surge on March 27 helped VRA conclude the month at $0.029.

Like every other cryptocurrency in the market, Verasity faced difficult conditions in the second quarter. By the final day of the 2nd half, VRA had lost almost 80% of its value due to the general market turmoil when the alternative coin’s price was $0.3761.

Price Predictions for Q3

if the asset is able to finish the second part of the year strongly. While looking for supplements from major occasions like the NFT marketplace MVP’s public launch, among others. VRA’s price could spike as high as $0.00676. The price might plummet to $0.00478 on the other hand if the protocol breaks its promises. Given the linear price trajectory’s constraints, the regular trading price may have $0.00563 as its foundation.

Price Predictions for Q4

For digital assets, the fourth quarter may be a game-changer. If the planned activities related to VeraWallet, VeraEsports, and Identity and Access Management, amongst many other things, are booming. In this case, VRA might increase to $0.00847.

However, elements like negative commentary or a potential market meltdown could cause the price to drop to $0.00591. The average price might reach $0.00705 when the bearish and bullish targets are considered.

Verasity Price Prediction for 2023 | Potential ROI: 23%

Prices for Veracity (VRA) are predicted to reach a level resembling their prior all-time high by 2023. As a result, we could anticipate an average cost of $0.006 by 2023. If everything goes according to plan, we estimate that Verasity’s highest price in 2023 may reach $0.007. After a long bull run, there is a potential that the market will crash, which is typical for the cryptocurrency market.

Verasity Price Prediction for 2024 | Potential ROI: 46%

There are indications that a new era is coming for the cryptocurrency sector. Since there is still hope that the currency will garner much more attention, the long-term price estimate for VRA will undoubtedly skyrocket. The minimum price value for 2024 is $0.008, and the average price is $0.008. The highest price is anticipated to trade around or near $0.010.

Verasity Price Prediction for 2025 | Potential ROI: 58%

The network developers’ and community investors’ efforts will raise the value of Verasity. As a result, the forecasted price for 2025 is optimistic. Analysts predicted that VRA will reach its highest price point of $0.014 by the end of 2025. 

On the contrary hand, it is incredibly hopeful for Verasity’s eventual growth. As a result, depending on the market, it is anticipated that the average cost of VRA will be between $0.012 and $0.013 in 2025. Therefore, the maximum price for the VRA for 2025 goes from $0.012 – $0.014, as mentioned in the exact phrase.

Verasity Price Prediction for 2026 | Potential ROI: 72%

Many websites, as well as forums, offer a simple way to use this currency. This forecasting tool predicts that Verasity’s price will remain stable for an extremely long time. The VRA is anticipated to have the highest value of $0.10 by 2030. After that, if the market turns bullish, the minimum price might increase to $0.085.

Now, to give you a better idea, we’ve curated a list of the future price movements for the token. This way, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not to invest in the token. 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price $0.004 $0.007 $0.010 $0.014  $0.085
Potential ROI 10% 23% 46% 58% 72%
Type Of Run Bearish Bullish  Bullish  Bullish  Bullish 
Singal  Buy Buy Buy Sell Sell

Remember, these price predictions result from current and past market movements. So when investing in VRA or any other token, do proper research. 

Should You Invest In VRA (Verasity) Tokens Right Now?

Verasity is a cutting-edge blockchain initiative that offers practical solutions. The performance of the Verasity network determines the value of the VRA cryptocurrency; therefore, price growth is also likely. 

By examining the Verasity coin’s price chart, clear data series have been created, and the currency exhibits a strong, rising trend; as a result, investing in it may generate profits and proven to be a wise decision. 

The Veracity cryptocurrency has seen remarkable growth recently, with notable improvements in trading volume and market capitalization, indicating a thriving cryptocurrency with a fantastic price prediction.

Additionally, the forecast algorithm primarily depends on historical price data, but additional considerations include the Verasity team’s adherence to regulatory requirements. For example, the price of VRA might immediately fall if there are unfavorable reports about the Veracity initiative.

It will help if you manage your risks as a crypto investor. For example, while low market capitalization currencies like Verasity may yield big percentage gains, they may also produce enormous losses.

Final Verdict

Future VRA coin values are predicted using chart analysis techniques by the Verasity price forecast. Verasity price forecasts demonstrate that the token presents long-term investors with exceptional investment opportunities. For better user access, Verasity has to be listed more on exchanges.

The market, strategy, and POV tech need to work out. However, in the opinion of long-term investors, the gaming and streaming industries have a lot of potential for growth and application. Staking could be an excellent technique; after a few years of rest, sell part of your investments at the price peak (assuming you can time it well), then reinvest during the bear cycle. 

You can also try social methods, although it can take a while. By participating in day trading and copying trade alerts from a professional trader that comprehends the market and employs techniques to generate signals every day to earn a profit and expand your portfolio, you may benefit from the market. 

HODLing is an antiquated and unusual way to earn from the market because traders and investors lose their money when the market turns negative, ensure you put forth your best effort no matter what you choose.


Q1. Is VRA (Verasity) a good investment?

In terms of long-term investors, the gaming and streaming industries have a lot of potential for growth and application. For example, staking could be a smart technique; after a few years of rest, sell some of your holdings at the price peak (assuming you can time it well), then reinvest during the bear cycle. You can also try social methods, although it can take a while.

Q2. Will the price of Verasity go up?

According to our Forecast and Prediction, the price of VRA coin may shoot up.Therefore, the market might have a bullish trend but keep in mind that Crypto is volatile; therefore, you should be cautious before investing.

Q3. How many coins does Verasity have?

There are around 10.34 billion Verasity (VRA) tokens in circulation, and the total supply of VRA Coin is around 110,356,466,695.

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