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Tiger King Coin (TKING) Price Prediction: 2023, 2025, 2030

Tiger King Coin (TKING)

he price of the Tiger King ($TKING) coin, based on the popular Netflix docuseries “Tiger King,” has soared by 1,000% after Dogecoin YouTuber Matt Wallace revealed he’s buying this coin. Similar to the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, this coin has created multimillionaires out of its backers.

Joe Exotic, aka Joseph Allen Schreibvogel, is the man behind the Tiger King cryptocurrency. His coin, the $TKING token, is the official token of the Tiger King project. This piece of currency is themed after the Tiger King documentaries on Netflix. Like Doge and Shiba, this currency is a deflating meme coin on the Ethereum network. They are creating a huge impact in the cryptocurrency industry with their pre- and post-launch efforts.

It’s a meme currency built on the Ethereum blockchain to reduce inflation. The development team argues that the community has already begun to feel the impact of TKING, even though it was made by the community through a massive pre- and post-launch campaign.

Website imagery prominently features Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, a convicted con artist who also appears in the film, creating a consistent corporate identity. The developers are obviously trying to profit from the success of the smash Netflix program; the TKING coin webpage even features an audio greeting from Joe himself.

Income from the sale of NFTS will be divided between Joe Exotic’s legal defense team and tiger rescue money, with a flat 2 percent burn rate applied to every transaction to progressively increase the scarcity of TKING.

Tiger King Overview
Coin Name Tiger King
Coin Symbol TKING
USD Price $0.00
Marketcap $3,131,326
24h Volume $34,164
Total Supply 710,999,305,800

Tiger King Coin (TKING): Overview

In 2020, Netflix’s Tiger King documented Joe Exotic’s untamed life as a tiger breeder and feud with local animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Two years into a 22-year sentence for 17 federal wildlife offenses, including the death of a tiger in his Oklahoma zoo and hiring a contract killer to eliminate Baskin (who failed), he is already serving time.

After running out of choices, Exotic (real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage) has turned to the cryptocurrency market for assistance in freeing himself and protecting wild creatures from extinction.

The Tiger King Coin was introduced in May of 2021 as a cryptocurrency for Tiger enthusiasts. From Tony the Tiger to Eye of the Tiger, tigers have left an amusing mark on popular culture. When we experience their lethal elegance in the wild, it brings home the urgency of their protection, the coin’s leadership team said.

As we enter the Chinese Year of the Tiger, a concerted effort has been made to define the movement’s goals and the path forward until 2022. On that road, you’ll find tiger welfare organizations, opportunities for artistic participation in service, and the launch of a worldwide identity. The team has enlisted Luna PR to help them achieve their objectives. The global branding campaign for Tigers will be heralded with a new coin logo, a revamp of the website, a fresh new staking program for the $TKING token, a regular schedule of philanthropic efforts, and an effort to have the token listed on major Tier 1 exchanges.

This rebranding and redirection of efforts directly resulted from the cosmetic upgrades made in August. Funding liquidity, the $TKING ecosystem, Joe Exotic’s battle for freedom, and the team are all possible because of the revised tokenomics. The Tiger King Coin whitepaper explains these token-economic alterations in depth.

Not becoming a “better meme currency” is not our top priority for 2022; rather, we want to build a project and platform that actively promotes noble causes relating to the protection of tigers. Working with Luna PR, we will finish the rebranding process and advance toward our ultimate objective of raising money for and awareness of Tigers’ health issues. It will become the most widely used cryptocurrency token dedicated to charitable causes along the way to our goal. Since the community and its leaders are now responsible for steering the token’s primary direction, the development team is free to concentrate on the token’s practical applications.

TKING is a deflating token, like many others in the meme economy. There is a 2% waste rate for every deal.

A direct outcome of our work is a celebrity-friendly brand that encourages real-life celebrities to lend their names and support. Eventually, the community and the coin’s ecosystem will have additional resources at their disposal with which to magnify the charity endeavors as the efforts gain traction and the token price reflects the newfound vigor. Initiating this effort, Tiger King has given 500 tiger plush toys to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. While several tokens have made usefulness a core principle, none have been as successful as the Tiger King community.

A recurring theme for meme currencies is for the creators to claim they burnt a large percentage of the coin’s supply (in this case, 35% of the 1 trillion tokens in circulation) while, in reality, the tokens were moved to the wallet of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Buterin has urged developers to refrain from this practice and has donated billions of dollars worth of dumped coins from other projects to charity.

ChainChat, TigerTracks, EtherLift, and TigerForces: Into the Wild will continue to be worked on in development.

Coming in the next year, Tiger King Coin will reach several significant benchmarks. They aim to leverage the widespread appeal of meme coins for charitable purposes rather than to amuse ourselves.

Tiger King Coin (TKING): Valuation

Tiger King’s current price is $0.0000485, and its market value is $3,131,326. This places it at #1340 on the all-time list of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. According to the TechNewsLeader Price Index, the 24-hour volume for TKING was $34,164. Tiger King’s value has decreased by 7.03 percent during the past 24 hours. Recently, TKING has dropped in value by -21.19 percent. There will only ever be 645,999,263,731 of these coins in circulation.

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Tiger King Coin (TKING) – For Retail Investors

Tiger King’s website boasts that they destroy 35% of unused tokens. The project’s deflationary action targets are two percent of all exchanges.

The initiative aims to split the profits made with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) between tiger conservation efforts and Joe Exotic’s legal defense fund.

The senior investing and markets expert at Hargreaves Lansdown, Susannah Streeter, told The Sun, “Holders of the Tiger King token have been on a wild trip higher, spurred by social media stars leaping into the cage.”

Joe Exotic’s meteoric rise and fall in the crypto market may warn investors: “With so many competing tokens riding a popular wave and the fickle attitude of social media influencers, this tiger is likely to be blazing too hot right now in the cryptocurrency jungle.”

Tiger King Coin (TKC), the 2,561st most valuable cryptocurrency, is hardly the only token based on a meme or pop culture reference. Nearly one hundred so-called meme tokens with a total market valuation of over $33 billion are listed on the price index site CoinMarketCap.

Tiger King Coin (TKING) – How To Buy & Store 

Dextools and Uniswap may be used to acquire Tiger King ($TKING), a Cryptocurrency. Here are the simple methods to get this coin:

Metamask installation: Metamask has an official app available in the Google Play Store; go there now to get it. And register for a Metamask account. All users can download the software, whether they have an Android or iOS device.

Donate Ethereum to MetaMask: After setting up Metamask, you may either buy Ethereum using the Metamask exchange platform or transfer Ethereum from another wallet (such as Coinbase, Binance, Trust Wallet, WazirX, or BitBmart) to your new Metamask wallet.

Join the Uniswap Network: To instantly exchange Ethereum for $TKING, link your Metamask wallet to Uniswap.

In exchange for $TKING, I’ll take Ethereum. Enter the number of $TKING coins you wish to purchase using Ethereum and set the slippage to 5%.

We have done our best to present the most essential information on the Tiger King coin; the data compiled here is accurate and has been culled from various online sources.

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Tiger King Coin (TKING): Price History

Incredible demand has led to thousands of sales of Tiger King Coin all around the world. Even though the show’s first season debuted on Netflix over a year ago, the thrills, spills, and mysteries haven’t stopped. We’re all invested in the continued success of Tiger King Coin ($TKING), which is why we’re sharing this update with you now.

The cryptocurrency Tiger King Coin lost over half its value in 24 hours, meaning it could not profit on the premiere of Season 2 of the Netflix program.

The blockbuster hit series featuring Joe Exotic inspired the creation of the meme currency in June 2021, which quickly gained popularity within the show’s target demographic and among fans and potential investors. Joe Exotic’s website claims he holds 1% of the company’s total supply.

Tiger King Season 2 has generated a lot of buzzes, and some investors think it may be a breakout season. The all-time high was $0.00034457, which was reached at the beginning of November. This represents a drop of 69 percent.

There was a little bit of buzz about the coin as the second season of Tiger King premiered.

Cryptocurrency influencer Matt Wallace tweeted about the coin soon after its launch. Joe Exotic’s official cryptocurrency, Tiger King Coin, may see a price increase tomorrow due to the anticipated influx of Internet users inquiring about Tiger King 2. If the price of $TKING suddenly rises, and Joe Exotic is released, Carole Baskin will be very upset.

Tiger King Coin (TKING): Price Prediction

Many buyers and sellers may be intrigued by Tiger King’s current pricing range. Thus, if the following conditions are met, TKING can reach $0.00000570 by 2022 with significant participation from financial institutions. You may expect it to outperform the current price trend with a 2022 average of $0.00000545. Another upward trend for cryptocurrencies is possible between now and 2022, which means the price tag might go up or down.

Tiger King Coin (TKING) Price Prediction for 2023-24 

Predicting the future price of Tiger King requires some rudimentary study. The native token has a few uses in the business. Because of its independence, the digital economy is superior. The network provides competition in programmable payment, logistics, and storage alternatives as DAPPs, and stable currencies mature. The average price of TKING may reach $0.00000800 by 2023 if more investors get interested in the project. The range of possible prices for the final day of 2023 is between $0.00000917 and $0.00000778.

Tiger King’s price would surge in 2024 if it gained widespread use and formed strategic alliances with other major blockchain networks, perhaps reaching a trading high of $0.00001357. If we keep things at these pricing points, they’ll be on-trend. The best-case scenario for 2024 would see prices range from an average of $0.00001174 to a high of $0.00001357.

Tiger King Coin (TKING) Price Prediction for 2025-29

There are indications that a new era for cryptocurrency is upon us. Since there is still faith that TKING will draw much more attention, it is predicted that the price will skyrocket in the long run. It’s possible that by the end of 2025, the price might be anywhere between $0.00001705 and $0.00001646. The top price the market will bear will probably be approximately $0.00001986.

Given the size of the community, TKING will be preferred, and its value will soar to all-time highs. If the market is very bullish or bearish, it might not be easy to forecast how an asset’s price will move. The cost of Tiger King in the year 2026 will be close to $0.00002441. Our highest possible offer is $0.00002911. By the end of 2026, the average price of a Tiger King token is expected to be about $0.00002526. The characteristics of the cryptocurrency market are expected to see significant price volatility.

The bitcoin market is propelled by extreme volatility. Predicting and keeping up with today’s pricing is difficult. A large number of crypto analysts are important in this context. For the years specified, the projected prices are accurate. People who use cryptocurrencies are still fretting over the recent prohibitions and regulations. Tiger King’s price might soar beyond $0.00004194 in 2027 if the market has a significant bull run. Long-term investors are projected to hold onto it until 2027, so its average price will hover at $0.00003705.

Developers of the network and community investors will drive up the price of the Tiger King. This means that the projected price in 2028 is optimistic. It was predicted that by the end of 2028, TKING would reach a peak price of $0.00006161. Tiger King’s future, on the other hand, is expected to expand and get widespread praise. Therefore, depending on the market, the average price of TKING in 2028 is estimated to be anywhere between $0.00005147 to $0.00005332. The same phrase also states that by 2028, the most a TKING will cost is between $0.00005147 and $0.00006161.

Several online resources provide a straightforward method of dealing with this money. This forecasting tool predicts that Tiger King’s price will remain unchanged for a very long period. In 2029, the highest value forecast for the TKING is $0.00009011. The floor price can reach as high as $0.00007384 if the market turns bullish.

Tiger King Coin (TKING)  Price Prediction for 2030

With the right partnerships and developments, TKING might see a rise in its user base and spread more quickly. Tiger King’s price might increase dramatically if investors pay attention to it. In 2030, its highest possible value is $0.00012978. If the market drops, the TKING is likely to recover little. There is a spread of potential values for the closing price of a unit in 2030, from a low of $0.00010446 to a high of $0.00012978, with an average value of $0.00010826.

Tiger King (TKING) prices are expected to replicate their all-time high by 2031. By 2031, the average price might reach $0.00015882. If projections hold true, Tiger King’s price might reach $0.00018608 by 2031. Naturally, there is always the possibility of a market drop following a prolonged bull run in the bitcoin market.


Why is everybody talking about this Tiger King Coin?

Like Dogecoin’s value increased when Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted about it, this cryptocurrency’s value increased after tweets by well-known YouTuber Matt Wallace. Earlier this week, the price of dogecoin spiked when Matt, a recognized investor, tweeted his support for the token. When Tiger King’s second season premieres, I predict a huge surge in the value of $Tking (Tiger King Coin). “I’m stocking up on it quickly,” he wrote on Twitter. YouTuber later disclosed in a subsequent tweet that Tiger King Coin was his second-largest cryptocurrency investment after the widely used dogecoin.

How Much Will Tiger King Coin (TKING) be Worth in 2025?

Many exchanges and industry experts predict that Tiger King’s price will continue to rise over the following five years, eventually hitting $0.00002526 by the end of 2025. The asking price may be too much, but you never know. The value of TKING and other cryptocurrencies fluctuates wildly and abruptly.

How Much Will Tiger King Coin (TKING) be Worth in 10 Years?

Tiger King’s price has a much better probability than any other cryptocurrency of reaching $0.00015882 in ten years. In the next 8-10 years, the price of a single Tiger King may rise to between $0.00015449 and $0.00018608.

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